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Clermont Homes For Sale - How to Stage a Home for Sale in Clermont

space staging sellers market

Like all cities in America, the housing market for Clermont tends to cycle between surplus and shortage. A surplus of housing contributes to a buyers’ market and homeowners need to be prepared for a challenge. Owners of Clermont homes for sale must be prepared and willing to consider sensible compromises for both price and terms.

Factors that rule supply and demand also affect Clermont homes for sale. Factors may include economic variances, interest rates, and consumer confidence. These factors may lead to either a buyers’ or a sellers’ market. Therefore, in economic downswings, sellers with Clermont homes for sale need to use every advantage in receiving a fair price for their property.

A perceptive seller will use staging as a marketing tool in selling their home. Staging is the process of presenting the home in its most favorable condition with a few designer tricks of organization and interior cosmetics.

There are varieties of ways to accomplish this goal. Homeowners in Clermont with homes for sale may opt to hire a professional home stager to come in and arrange the home to its best advantage. However, other sellers with Clermont homes for sale may choose to do the work themselves.

The number one rule in staging is depersonalization. This means a homeowner should store away any personal memorabilia such as trophies, photographs, personal papers and even an antique collection of spoons should be hidden from view. This gives prospective buyers looking at Clermont homes for sale the ability to visualize the space as their own. The bathrooms should be equipped with fresh towels, new bars of soap and appear to be as freshly sanitized and depersonalized as a hotel suite’s bathroom. Beauty products and toiletries should be kept in a carrying tote for easy storage during a showing.

Although probably obvious to most sellers with Clermont homes for sale, cleanliness is most important in the art of staging. All bathrooms and kitchens should be immaculate. This includes cleaning grout and the space behind the toilet in the bathroom and cleaning the inside of the refrigerator and under stove burners. Prospective buyers are keen to examine every detail of a home in which they are interested. Air fresheners or diffusers should be used to eliminate any lingering odors and keep the rooms smelling fresh and clean.

Be sure all pets and pet paraphernalia are tucked out of sight. Only about a third of Americans live with pets, and no one wants someone’s allergies triggered over pet hair and dander.

Another way to help market Clermont homes for sale is to de-clutter. Almost everyone has too much stuff. This means either getting temporary storage for extra furniture, tchochkes, or anything else that may clutter a room. This includes the closets. Sellers have to resist the temptation of putting extra items into a closet. Prospective buyers are always interested in closet space and they will closely examine closets for a sense of storage space for their own belongings.

In Clermont, homes for sale should have as much light as possible filtering through the space. Take down screens, clean the windows and ensure that all shades and curtains are open during a showing. Replace low wattage lighting with new high-watt bulbs to accentuate the brightness of the space.

The walls of the home are eighty percent of a first impression. It makes a home seem fresh and clean. Avoid bright primary colors and dark toned hues in brown, purple and blue. Neutral colors work best. The most welcoming color for home staging is warm beige for comfort or a white with blue undertones for space enhancement.

The last aspect of staging is curb appeal. Sellers with Clermont homes for sale need to ensure that the lawn and garden are properly landscaped. There should be no rusted tools or abandoned toys cluttering the yard.

Staging a home is the best way to help maximize the earning potential for any of the Clermont homes for sale. Presenting a home to appeal to a buyer ensures the best possible offer for the home and a maximum return for the seller.

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