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Women's Tee Shirts - Women's Tee Shirts Growing in Popularity

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T-shirts have come a long way since they were first introduced. Starting out as an undergarment that was designed to be tucked into a person’s trousers, they have evolved from the basic T shape that gave the shirt its name to include many style variations, including an ever-growing selection of women’s tee shirts. These women’s tee shirts are rising in popularity as more women discover how much better they look in them than in a regular T-shirt.

The main difference between a man’s T-shirt and a woman’s is that a T-shirt designed especially for women is made to fit the curves of her body. While some women’s tee shirts are more fitted than others, all of them are cut in a more feminine manner than the typical boxy T-shirt.

The cut of a woman’s tee shirt is important because it determines how well the shirt will fit. A man’s T-shirt looks fine on most men because they tend to be somewhat uniform in size throughout the trunk. That is, unless they are seriously overweight. However, women often find that men’s T-shirts don’t fit properly because they are tight across the bust. In order to get a T-shirt that fits properly in that area, many women choose a larger shirt size, which results in having the shirt be too large in the shoulders with the seams hanging down several inches below the shoulder.

Women’s tee shirts, on the other hand, are usually made to accommodate and even accentuate a woman’s chest while having the shoulder seams appear where they should be—on the shoulder. Because the shirt fits better, most women find that they look better in a woman’s T-shirt. This makes sense because just about anyone will look better in clothes that are made to fit them properly. Clothes that are excessively baggy in some areas don’t do justice to anyone’s figure.

Some women’s tee shirts are designed to fit more loosely than others. Whether you choose a tight-fitting style or a looser one has more to do with personal preference than anything else. A tighter shirt will usually result in a sexier look and works best when worn by a woman who is at least somewhat in shape. Larger women may find that tight shirts draw more attention to problem areas such as fat in the belly area than is desired.

T-shirts that are designed for women usually have shorter sleeves than men’s T-shirts. They often have cute cap sleeves instead of the traditional bulky sleeves of a man’s shirt that typically hang down almost to the elbow. Women will find many different sleeve variations when shopping for women’s tee shirts since this is one of the easiest features to change in order to reflect a different style.

The collars of women’s tee shirts are often narrower than on men’s T-shirts. They are sometimes just one-quarter to one-third of the width of ordinary T-shirt collars. This gives the shirts a more feminine look. Some of these shirts also have V-shaped necklines instead of the usual curved tee shirt collar.

For women who are used to buying men’s tee shirts, it is important to note that women’s T-shirts often run smaller in size. A woman who wears a medium in a man’s tee may find that she needs a large woman’s tee instead. Shirts with high cotton content will shrink over time as they are washed, so it is also a good idea to buy a slightly larger shirt than needed if it is made of 100% cotton. T-shirts made of a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend do not have this problem with shrinkage.

Of course, one of the most important features of T-shirts, whether made for men or for women, is the ease with which they can be printed and decorated with an almost limitless number of sayings and designs. The designs printed on a woman’s tee shirt help her express her individuality. In fact, there are plenty of T-shirt shops that will custom print T-shirts for those who prefer to come up with their own designs.

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