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Melissa And Doug Puzzle - What Are Melissa and Doug Puzzles?

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Melissa and Doug started their toy company in 1988, with the focus on quality and value. They make a variety of toys including arts and crafts, dolls, stuffed animals, cars, puppets and games. One of their most popular items are puzzles.

Melissa and Doug puzzles are made of wood or cardboard. They range in complexity from very easy, with infants in mind, to 500-piece jigsaw puzzles for older children. The puzzles cost less than $20 and can be found online on Melissa and Doug’s Web site (http://www.melissaanddoug.com) and at most toy stores.

There are two types of cardboard Melissa and Doug puzzles: floor and jigsaw. Floor puzzles feature extra-large pieces and a variety of shapes and range in size from 11 to 100 pieces. The smaller puzzles are made of heavyweight cardboard to withstand use by young children. When assembled, they may be 3-4 feet long. The jigsaw puzzles range in size from 30 to 500 pieces. They are extremely detailed and colorful, and feature realistic artwork and photographs. The puzzles have a wide range of themes, including dinosaurs, alphabet, sea, animals, cars, solar system, maps, bugs, safari and pirates.

Melissa and Doug wood puzzles are each individually handcrafted. They include a variety of sounds, textures and magnets and are grouped into a variety of categories. Wood knob puzzles are made for infants and toddlers, and include knobs to make it easier to put the puzzle pieces in and out. Chunky puzzles feature thick wood pieces that fit into the puzzle board. The pieces have color pictures under them and they can even stand. Peg puzzles are fun for the kids. They can lift up pieces and see pictures. The mix and match puzzles allow kids to use pieces inetrchangeably to form their own creations. The sound puzzles have built-in speakers that play sounds when pieces are placed correctly. Sounds include animals, cars, letters and numbers.

Melissa and Doug offer other unique puzzles. The magnetic puzzles feature a magnet that allows kids to catch bugs or fish, or tow trucks, depending on the puzzle. The maze puzzles are great for travel or keeping kids occupied for a period of time. They feature pieces that move inside a track. Touch and feel puzzles are textured so that kids can feel the skin or fur of certain animals. These colorful puzzles have 4-5 pieces and are great for developing senses in babies. Cube puzzles are basically six puzzles in one, with a different design on each side of the cube.

Melissa and Doug create a variety of puzzles for every age and stage. They are made of high quality materials and meet safety and performance standards. Best of all, they are affordable and made to last.

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