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Grand Bahama Hotels - Vacationing at a Grand Bahama Hotel

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Vacations are one of the most exciting times of the year for many people, especially when the destination is a tropical island paradise. The southern tip of the Eastern United States offer some of the most sought after Caribbean destinations available, and the Bahamas are no exception. For those visiting the Bahamas, an economical or luxury hotel may be on your list as these hotels offer an atmosphere found nowhere else in the world. Grand Bahama hotels are available to those that are economical minded as well as those who spare no expense when on vacation. With a few things in mind, there is a Grand Bahama hotel to meet everyone’s needs.
Economical Hotels
Travel does not always have to be expensive and many people understand the fact that a little research on the area you are planning to visit can yield some great savings. For instance. the Island Palm Resort at times runs specials where they offer rooms for less than $50 per night. That is an incredible savings considering most hotels are at least $100 – $150 per night with a two-night minimum charge. The Island Palm Resort is a quaint and charming hotel on the Grand Bahama Island in the town of Freeport, which is only a few minutes from both the beach and local shopping. The hotel offers a daily shuttle to and from its parent resort, which will provide guests with a beach front as well as numerous water sports and activities. The rooms are equipped with a queen size bed, television, and rattan furniture with garden designs. For very little, guests of the Island Palm Resort get a vacation of a lifetime.
Spa’s and Luxury
For those looking for resorts that offer the luxuries such as a full on-site spa, there are a number of options as well. For instance, those wanting mud baths, massage, pedicure, and other pampered services should take a look at the Our Lucaya Beach and Golf Resort. Upon entering the building you will immediately be surrounded by marble and tile surrounded by tropical landscaping and flowers only native to that area. You can start off your day at the resort with breakfast in one of the many restaurants and then head to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you like to be inspired into activity, the resort has a number of thing for its guests including water sports such as snorkeling, a resort sponsored scavenger hunt, and a host of other games staffed by the hotel. During the day, there many tiki-huts and bars located strategically around the resort to offer you a refreshing snack and beverage. Night time starts in one of the five-star restaurants where you will enjoy world class cuisine from one of the resort’s chefs. After an exquisite dinner, a favorite past time for many guests is to take an early evening stroll on the beach to rejuvenate for some night time fun. The Our Lucaya resort has many nightclubs and hot spots frequented regularly by its guests that offer dancing and drinks as well as a full Vegas-style casino that incorporates live dealers. Guests will enjoy these amenities and many more at this Grand Bahama hotel and rates start out at just around $150. However, for those who enjoy having limitless opportunities, this resort, as most others, offer patrons an all-inclusive stay, which means that you don’t have to worry about bringing your wallet or pocketbook anywhere you go.
Grand Bahama Hotel Activities
With so many resorts on the Grand Bahamas, many hotels offer their guests very similar recreational activities. These may include water sports such as snorkeling, diving, wave runners, and windsurfing. Other sporty activities may include croquet, tennis, a fitness center, regular fitness sessions, and a number of snack and drink bars situated throughout the property. No matter what Grand Bahama hotel you stay at, there will be limitless opportunities for fun and excitement.

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