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Free Background Search - Free Background Search Tools

• people search • phone number lookup • address lookup • criminal background checks • free public records

Our post-9/11 world is one in which you can never be too careful. Nor is it possible to have too much information, and we cannot simply trust because it is convenient to do so. Instead, we must seek the answers and in doing so, ensure our own protection. One way we accomplish this is by performing a background search. Is this vital person in our life precisely who they say they are?

The problem is background checks are expensive, and most of us cannot afford one each time that we become suspicious or curious. Fortunately, there is an alternative because most of the information that we want is available online free. Getting access to it is simply a matter of performing the work ourselves. The downside is that a free online background check is not always neat, and it often involves hunting for dispersed information.

• Google and Other Search Engines

Google is the most powerful tool at your disposal. Each time someone posts a message on a social network, writes a blog post, or posts a resume, they leave behind a trace of themselves. Google gathers these traces as it scours the Internet indexing webpages. Harnessing that information is a matter of learning how to use Google to get precisely what you want. For instance, site: limits query results to a particular website and phonebook: searches through public phone directories. Familiarize yourself with the advanced search options, and then practice using them.

• People Search

If a particular piece of data is yielding no results through Google, try it at a free people search engine. Some of the more popular and powerful engines are Zaba, Peek You, and Radaris. These engines crawl for their own information. Most free people search engines are simply frontends to the crawlers, so go right to the source. What distinguishes these engines from Google? Their sole purpose is people details, and this allows them to adjust the search algorithms to do it more efficiently than Google can. In addition, these people searches are better able to maintain outdated information.

• Phone Number Lookup

By using Google and the people searches, you have accessed the “Deep Web” as well as the public directories. However, this is often not enough when performing a phone lookup or reverse phone lookup dealing with a cellphone. The reason for this is that this information is stored in subscriber databases. The phone lookup directories give you access to these subscriber directories. However, note that free access is generally to outdated subscriber databases. These still yield results, but you will often have to pay for current access.

• Address Lookup

Most traditional address information is available via the search engines and people searches. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform an untraditional search. You may have an address but no name or phone number associated with it. Address lookup services provide you a frontend to the White Pages, Yellow Pages, and similar directories, which allow you to query it in nonstandard ways. Note that there is not much that the paid address lookup services can offer you over the free ones, so they are generally not worth it.

• Criminal Background Checks

The data included in a criminal background report is free and publically available. The problem with it is that from a public perspective this is dispersed information. Fees associated with criminal background checks generally cover the costs of combining information from various sources. There are services online that give you the means to do this work yourself, and it is actually quite effective. However, it is best to access a professional service when there are serious concerns about the criminal background of the person you are investigating.

• Free Public Records

There is a great deal of public record freely available. The problem over the last decade is that much of this information has not been available via the Internet. This is changing, and free public record search engines provide us convenient access to them. The difference between a free and paid service is that the paid service will access “sneakernet” in order to fill gaps in the report. Generally, it is best to perform a free search, and then decide if those gaps are worth paying for.

These are the most important tools for the newbie online detective, but they are also just the beginning. As you work with these, you’ll discover other tools to have in your arsenal. A free online background check may seem like an insurmountable hill to climb now. With experience, conducting a free background search will be fast and intuitive.

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