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Cd Dvd Copier - An introduction to the CD DVD copier

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A CD DVD copier is a recent technological advancement that makes it easier for people to create backups and share copies of digital media in the privacy of their own homes. A CD DVD copier, also known as a CD DVD duplicator, works by copying CDs or DVDs from original master CDs or DVDs to blank disks. Since DVDs are larger than CDs, if you choose, you can often copy several CDs onto an individual blank DVD. However, if you want to go in the other direction and copy a DVD onto CD media, you will usually need several CDs to achieve this, and not all CD DVD copiers may have this capability. You can purchase CD DVD copiers that are standalone, which means they can operate without being attached to any other devices once you plug them in and outfit them with the necessary original and copy disks. Alternatively, you can purchase copiers that attach to your PC by firewire, USB, or eSATA connections, and these will give you the ability to make copies of disks that are saved on your computer hard drive, but they will require your PC to be on and running to make copies. There are also standalone copiers available that give you the choice between making copies directly from the copier or through attaching it to your PC.

As described above, it is not difficult to attach a CD DVD copier that is designed to work with computers to a personal computer. The advantages of copiers with this capability include the ability the offer you to customize any CDs or DVDs you copy. For example, you can add titles, the name of the author, the date the media was created or copied, and other important information. Additionally, with modern graphics programs, you can also add special effects and visual features to your copied disk. Furthermore, a CD DVD copier will come with its own hard drive or internal memory card; this will allow you to make copies once the disk is saved inside the copier, even when you don’t have the original disk on hand. Typically, the hard disks inside CD DVD copiers will be large enough to store dozens of CDs and DVDs, and in some cases thousands of them.

It is possible to buy both manual and automatic CD DVD copiers. With a manual CD DVD copier, you will need someone handy to operate the copier machine in various ways, such as opening and closing the disk case to help load and unload the CDs or DVDs when the machine finishes copying them. Typically, manual copiers will not copy as quickly as automated copiers, partly due to their coming with slower laser copying technology and partly due to the inherent limitation of requiring someone to frequently change the disks inside the copier. As a result, the hourly output, or the number of copies you can produce in an hour of uninterrupted work, will be less than that of an automated copier. However, an advantage of manual copiers is that they tend to cost significantly less than automated copiers due to the aforementioned limitations. If you do not plan to make too many copies at a time, you can save some money by simply going with a manual CD DVD copier.

Automated CD DVD copiers, in contrast, are standalone devices. Instead of having to load and unload disks by hand, a robotic arm inside the copier takes care of the task for you. Typically, an automatic CD DVD copier will look like a tower of CDs or DVDs, which makes sense because they are actually several individual copiers stacked on top of each other. Depending on the size and capacity of the copier, anywhere from one to sixteen copiers may be stacked on top of each other, and if you purchase an industrial copier, they may contain up to a hundred individual units capable of making copies. The number of CDs or DVDs you can copy at one time will depend on the number of copiers inside the standalone copier. Typically, CDs can be copied at up to or past 54 times their natural playing speed, while DVDs can be copied at 24×.

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