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Black And White Copiers - Black and White Copiers Simplify Modern Life

laser print copying books

At one time, black and white copiers were hardly household items. Invented by the Xerox Corporation in the late 1950s, the first copiers were big machines that only large companies or institutions could afford to use. Now black and white copiers can be used in just about any setting by anyone. Some of the copiers are hardly larger than a ream of letter size paper or can be large machines that copy many pages per minute, collate pages and duplex print. They are found in printing shops, office supply stores, businesses, and institutions that need high volume copying capacities.

Today’s black and white copiers can use toner or they can be ink jet copiers. The laser copiers have reputations for having finer output than the ink jet copiers, although that technology has caught up with the laser technology for the most part. Generally, laser black and white copiers are faster than the inkjet copiers, which is why commercial copiers are usually laser copiers.

As the technology for the black and white copiers progressed, engineers found that they could make the copiers smaller and smaller. In fact, the first laser printers for computers were merely small laser black and white copiers. Now many black and white copiers combine the function of printing, faxing, copying, and scanning. These all-in-one units have made it possible for the black and white copiers to be used in homes and small businesses.

Black and white copiers have become indispensable because they duplicate documentation for many different purposes, like copying legal documents, sending in copies of receipts for rebates, and preserving records of financial transactions. High-speed black and white copiers have even changed the face of self-publishing. Many printer use black and white copiers to print the pages for books instead of typesetting them, which has reduced some of the labor costs involved with printing book and documents.

Now people can simply email a file to a printer or print-on-demand publisher and the company can make as many books as the client wants. Organizations can use the services of these publishers to make books that their clientele or members will buy to generate sales. Writers who would otherwise not be able to find a publisher can use the services of these private publishers to print quality products that the authors can distribute themselves or sell outright to retailers.

Without black and white copiers, the world would be a more complicated and time consuming place. Now anyone can have the convenience of copiers at home, in dorm rooms, in small offices, and copy what they need in an instant without having to go anywhere. People can still use the convenience of companies that provide high volume copying, and having several options to make black and white copies simplifies life.

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