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Canon Print Cartridges - How To Cut Down The Costs Of Canon Print Cartridges

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Canon print cartridges can be quite expensive, and even if you buy a fairly cheap printer, you’ll often end up paying for more than the cost of the device in toner cartridges. It’s possible to mitigate some of these costs, however, if you’re able to cut down on your ink usage and improve your printer ink buying habits.

Proper ink usage can greatly extend the life of a canon copier toner cartridge, and in any printing environment—particularly offices—it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to consider how your habits affect your Canon printer ink cartridges. In particular, you’ll want to avoid printing any pages that you don’t need to print, so always use the print preview option on every computer attached to the printer. Set the default to black and white or grayscale to cut down on the use of your color print cartridges, if you use a printer that offers color printing.

Use your printer’s lightest settings for text printing. This is often referred to as “draft” printing, and it’s perfectly acceptable for standard documents and spreadsheets. Draft printing can save a third of your ink reserves.

To keep your Canon printer in good working order, you need to regularly print with all of its ink cartridges. You can do this by running a test page print from your printer’s settings. If you don’t use all of the ink cartridges regularly, you’ll risk clogged print heads, since Canon printers use cartridges with attached print heads. This can cause a lot of wasted ink and substandard prints, so you should avoid this.

If you’re using an office printer or copier, you’ll need to talk to everyone that uses the device to maximize printer ink usage. You can also change the default settings on every one of the computers, although this will often require administrator capabilities. You can also post memos, or even call a meeting to get everyone on the same page—figuratively and literally.

Once your printer ink habits have been improved, you can look for ways to cut down on the cost of each individual Canon copier toner cartridge. The best way to do this is to shop online and compare prices from a variety of stores. Make sure that you’re looking for the right model of cartridge, and consider buying in bulk. However, you should also remember that Canon printer ink cartridges have expiration dates. Check the expiration dates when possible before buying, or only buy enough cartridges to last for a few months.

Avoid buying Canon printer ink cartridges at department stores if you can. They’ll often overcharge. Buy online whenever possible, and once you find an online retailer that’s offering good prices, take advantages of special promotions and offers to further reduce the cost of your Canon print cartridges. When you improve your ink usage and your buying habits, you’ll save a lot of money throughout the life of your Canon printer. Whether you’re buying ink for an office or your home, take a few minutes to lower the costs and improve the usage of your printer ink cartridges as soon as you can.

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