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Fort Myers Lodging - Great Types of Fort Myers Lodging

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Southwest Florida has much to offer people who may be visiting for a few days, weeks, or even months. Depending on the length of time one wishes to stay in cities like Fort Myers or Naples, there are plenty of rental or hotel options one may choose for lodging. Before rushing to purchase a room at a hotel, it may be a great idea to consider renting a condo or home in Fort Myers. The area is notorious for great deals on rental condos and apartments, even for month or two month leases. This article will discuss the types of Fort Myers lodging one can find, as well as tips for finding the best lodging possible.

First, it is a good idea to have a budget in place before starting the search. If you are staying for two months, then how much could you afford for a rental option? If you are staying at a hotel, maybe you want to consider if it would be cheaper to stay at a rental unit (and even more enjoyable for an extended vacation!). Some people find that to stay two weeks longer for a vacation in Fort Myers is incredibly worth it, because they can simply rent a condo rather than pay out hundreds of dollars on a hotel in the area.

There are many condo communities and even vacation rental communities one can research if looking for Fort Myers lodging. Royal Palm is a premier community in Fort Myers and features many vacation rentals. There are many benefits to renting a condo in a community like Royal Palm. First, many of these rental units offer much more space than would be available in a hotel. For families, renting a condo is typically a better idea than trying to cram everyone into a small hotel room. There are also many amenities available in condo communities, that can not be found in hotels. Typically, only very expensive hotels feature amenities of the caliber that are found in condo communities. In a condo rental community in southwest Florida, one typically has access to pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and golf courses. Having an on site golf course is something that many business men especially enjoy. In addition, if one chooses to rent a home in a golf course community, then usually the fees are next to nothing to play a round of golf.

Bellasol Community, Palmetto Cove, Prentiss Pointe, and Promenade are also some fantastic condo communities in Fort Myers. Depending on what one wants, one may also wish to consider renting a condo in a luxury community in southwest Florida. There are many luxury properties available in southwest Florida. Having a truly luxurious vacation is something that one will never forget. In addition, for business people moving to Florida for a few months for business purposes, luxury communities can provide safety and peace of mind that are critical for conducting business in Florida.

One great luxury community located in southwest Florida is Port Royal. Port Royal is one of the most luxurious communities Florida has to offer, and people from all around the world seek to live in this establishment. Port Royal is actually located in Naples, but is right near Fort Myers as well. This type of luxury experience provides people with on site meals, fitness centers with state of the art equipment, and direct access to the beach. It simply does not get better than having a beautiful white sand beach in the backyard of one’s rental home! Some of the most elite socialites in the world also live in Port Royal. It can be a great networking opportunity to choose to rent a home in a community like Port Royal. In addition to living a life of simple luxury, one may even have the opportunity to make important business contacts that serve a person’s career quite well.

Overall, there are many lodging options one has when looking in the city of Fort Myers. The key is to have a budget and know what your time frame is. If you are looking to vacation for a month or two in the summer, then it pays to check out rental condos in Fort Myers.

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