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Free Business Card Software - Create a Business Card using Free Business Card Software

getting started designing the business card

A business card serves as the representative of a business. When the business owner has left the room, all that remains to remind contacts of his business will be the business card. It is important that the business card provides the necessary information about the business in a professional, memorable way. There are free business card software products to assist in the creation of an outstanding business card.

A professional-looking business card will convey the purpose of the business, provide contact information, and have a pleasing design. A well crafted business card should stand out from the sea of business cards a potential client collects. After all, being memorable could mean the difference between winning that profitable contract or just being among the also-rans.

Using free business card software allows the business owner to design that memorable card. With the newer paper stock available, the business card can look exactly like the cards printed professionally. No more tear-marks visible around the edges of the card that screamed “homemade”.

Getting Started

The first step in developing a business card using free business card software is having access to the proper equipment. All that is necessary is a working computer and a decent printer with black/white and color ink cartridges.

Next, determine which free business card software will work best. If the business owner is new to creating business cards, it is important to do a thorough review as the information will help determine the design of the card.

Types of Card Stock – there are many options available, from Avery, DECAdry, Sigel, or Formtee. The card stock has to be compatible with the printer, so choose carefully.

Card Design – there is free business card software that can print one-sided or two-sided cards. The business owner can create her own logo or add artwork. The software will let the business owner do vertical texts, color blends, and even image editing for graphics or logos.

Images – determine which images will be used. Some free business card software will accept JPEG, BMP, PNG, and Adobe PDF files.

Designing the Business Card

Even if the business owner is new to the process of creating and designing business cards, the free business card software makes the process very easy. The tutorials will be easy to follow.

Determining how the business card will look is the first step. Options are to have logo designs which can be created from scratch or from available templates. Where will the logo be placed on the card? Will a picture be used? Will the picture be created by the business owner, or will stock photography be used?

These are the considerations when beginning the process of using the free business card software. The easiest feature of the software is that the business owner can get creative, make changes, use different formats, and experiment with the business card design. While there are no hard and fast rules, some free business card software will offer suggestions if prompted.

Free business card software walks the business owner through the process of developing the card. A file is created that opens the process and set-up, including height and width of the card along with the color being used.

Once the guidelines have been set, the details that will be on the card can be added. This includes name, address, and contact information. Font sizes and formats can be created. Photographs, logos, and designs are added to customize the card.

The business card is saved either on the software, or exported to other formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc. Once the owner selects the printer and inserts the business card stock, the process is ready to go.

One of the great reasons to use the free business card software is that if the business owner receives feedback or suggestions about the business card, it can be easily changed and/or modified. It is always a good idea to print a few of the business cards and see how potential clients react.

For the new business owner who does not have a lot of dollars to invest in business cards, using free business card software provides an easy and cost-effective way to create a professional looking business card.

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