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Toshiba Lcd Television - The Best Toshiba LCD Televisions

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There are six series of Toshiba LCD televisions for the year 2010. Some of them are great, while others are not necessarily the best options available. There are a number of things to consider when comparing flat screen TVs, including size, weight, picture quality, and price. Here are some of the best options available for the year so far.

ZX900 CELL TV Series:

The absolute best Toshiba LCD television series to come out this year was the ZX900 CELL TV Series. This series was unveiled at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Featuring the same cell processor as the Sony PlayStation 3, these TVs offer a wide variety of features and display an incredible picture. These LCD displays are also back lit by LEDs which can be dimmed to take it easy on the eyes in the dark. There are two TVs available in the series: the Toshiba 65ZX900 and the Toshiba 55ZX900. The display features an impressive 9,000,000:1 contrast ratio, five hundred and twelve zones allowing the back lights to be adjusted, and amazing 3D capability.

A four hundred and eighty Hertz display allows for a higher resolution image to be sent to each eye when viewing in three dimensions than would be capable with a two hundred forty Hz display. A technology known as TriVector allows anything to be watched in three dimensions. In comparison to the 2009 model, the ZX900 CELL TV Series offers a higher processing speed and a brighter contrast, allowing for much more clarity during on screen night scenes. The picture featured much sharper edges.

The television comes with a one terabyte hard drive and a blue ray disk player that connects to the television through a wireless connection, leaving fewer cables to clutter your home. The TV also features a connection for Ethernet and 802.11n WiFi. This gives you the capability of connecting it to Net TV, which is Toshiba’s online television service, partnered with Netflix and other services that hook you up with online videos and movies.

UX600 LCD TV Series:

Coming in at a close second, this Toshiba LCD television is LED back lit as well, making the TV very slim, with great color and energy efficiency. The 1080p display is as sharp as it gets, and uses a technology called Clear Frame to keep motion blur to a minimum. While some people complain that 120 or higher Hz doesn’t do much for them, the way in which this TV is designed has reduced the jolting effect that it can have on some people. The TV is also coated with an anti-glare material so that lighting in the room does not disrupt your viewing experience. To further enhance this effect, the TV is designed with an adjustable back light, allowing it to be adjusted for day or night viewing. The game mode setting is automatically configured to shut off the picture processing, so that there is no delay between input and game reaction. Like the ZX900 CELL TV Series, this option also features Net TV.

G300 LCD TV Series:

While not offering quite as much as the previous two options, the G300 LCD TV Series of Toshiba LCD televisions still has quite a bit to offer. Back lit by the more traditional compact fluorescent tub lamps instead of by LEDs, this series of TVs still brings you the sharpest picture possible, 1080p. As with the previous option, it brings you a one hundred twenty Herz refresh rate with Clear Frame that lacks the uncomfortable effect of some of the other high Hz televisions. It also features the game mode setting. The television itself is aesthetically designed, with a glossy black bezel featuring smooth contours.

Series to Avoid, the C100 LCD TV Series:

While this line of televisions is certainly good enough for anybody on a budget, it only offers a 720p display, it is not LED back lit, and it lacks features that protect the picture from motion blur and glare. While the lower price tag makes for an incentive, there are other comparable flat screen TVs available for lower prices.

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