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Cheap Car Rental Las Vegas - How to find cheap car rentals in Las Vegas

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Going on vacation to Las Vegas can be a really fun and cheap way to get away from the stresses of daily life for just a little while. It is pretty easy to find good deals on plane tickets, hotels, and shows, but what about rental cars? Here are a few steps to make sure that renting a car doesn’t cut too much into your vacation fund.

1. Shop around.
Don’t go with the first price you find. Call lots of places. Think of it is a job. For an hour a day, and for about three or four days, look up all of the rental car places you can find and see what the best deal is. Write them all down so you don’t forget.

2. Use budget websites.
Expedia and Priceline are two examples of good websites that will help save you money on car rentals. Priceline even has an option where you can say how much you are willing to pay, and for what kind of car, and they will tell you if your price is available or not.

4. Bundle.
Often times if you buy your hotel rooms or plane tickets at the same time that you reserve a rental car, you will get a discount on the whole deal. Using budget websites or a travel planner will allow you to book two or three of these things all at the same time.

3. Skip the insurance.
Often times, insurance can cost as much as $20 per day on your rental car. For many things in life, insurance is a smart thing to have, but not in this case. If you are using the car for personal use, and you have your own collision coverage back home, you are actually covered in your rental car as well. This will protect you if the car is in an accident or if it gets stolen.

4. You have internet, use it.
Search around for coupons or promotions from different rental businesses. There are many sites on the internet that are dedicated to saving you money. Use them to your advantage when looking for a good deal on a rental car. There are even some Vegas specific sites such as www.budgetvegas.com that will help you to find the best deal on car rentals during your get away.

5. Don’t be picky.
If you want a high class sports car, chances are you are going to pay more than for the mid-sized economy car. Be sure you pick the cheapest car that will fulfill your needs.

The best thing you can do when looking for a cheap car is to do research. Don’t rent a car blindly. If you spend some time, you are sure to save up to a couple hundred dollars on car rentals. Just think of all the stuff you can buy in Vegas for a hundred dollars!

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