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Maytag Washers Dryers - Need Information On Products By MayTag: Washers, Dryers And Equipment?

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Maytag washers, dryers and other appliances are some of the most popular available. These products have been around for a number of years, establishing this company as one of the industry leaders with their innovative products and fine record of service. This has continued today, as they remain at the forefront of design and manufacture of large household clothes cleaning units. Although primarily known for their 2 flag bearers, this firm has also demonstrated the capacity to produce capable products in other areas, such as refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers.

The recent acquisition of the Maytag Corporation by Whirlpool has ushered in a whole new line of products. Advances in the areas of washers and dryers have not only made them more energy efficient, but have helped to promote the new “green movement” as well. Consumers have taken notice of the latest features such as the increased capacity front-loading washers. These units not only use less water to clean soiled clothing, but also don’t have a central agitator, which allows more items to be put in a single wash.

Since the unit also spins a whole lot faster, more liquid is extracted, meaning drying time is also quicker. In the nice weather, this is done outside on a clothesline. Now a wash doesn’t have to be done first thing in the morning in order to make sure everything is dry by day’s end. During the winter months, less gas/electricity is needed to run the dryer, because clothes are less damp after the last spin cycle of the washing machine. This is a definite time and energy saver, and can help to pay for the price of the machines within a relatively short period of time. That is something that every consumer looks for when making a major appliance purchase.

As the increased availability of the Internet has made many customers savvier, this has also helped manufacturers to increase awareness of their brand. Promotional materials are developed specifically to tout a new model, and give buyers the necessary information to make an informed purchase. There are a number of questions that should be asked when deciding on what type of Maytag washer – dryer combination to choose.
• Will there be large or bulky items to clean?
• What part of the house will the washer and dryer be located?
• Are there any special fabrics that will need treatment before cleaning?
• Is a side by side or stacked unit the best choice for the home?

The entire process of purchasing a new set of appliances is often simplified by consumers able to answer these types of questions. It will help to eliminate the choices that don’t make sense to the homeowner, and narrow down the list of available options that are a good fit for the space and budget.
There are 3 main types of washing machine; each has a matching dryer to complement it as well. The high-efficiency front loader, the high-efficiency top loader and the traditional top loader all offer a variety of benefits that will help with this most mundane household chore.

A high-efficiency front loader has an extremely large capacity, uses less water and energy than top loaders, and can safely wash delicate fabrics or bulky items. Drying times are also shortened when used with its matching dryer. The two items can be arranged side by side or in a stacked combination.

A high-efficiency top loader has no agitator and also uses less energy than the top loader model. It contains wash plates that allow for large or bulky items to be handle quite easily. This style is only available in a side by side arrangement with the complementary dryer.

The traditional top loaders are a good value for the money. They are only available in side by side models, and have a number of features, sizes and prices. The capacities also vary by unit type.

Maytag washers, dryers and other appliances made by this company are a good value for the money. They remain one of the leaders in this industry for new innovations and quality of service. Perhaps that is the reason they are found in most of the major appliance retailers around the country.

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