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On Line High School - How to Get a High School Education Online

finding an online high school reviewing class schedule what is virtual learning? who is eligible? do the homework

Many parents are looking into alternative ways of educating their children other than large comprehensive high schools, charter schools, or private schools. According to the Council for American Private Education, the average cost of private high schools range from $10,000 to $16,000 per year.

Parents are increasingly turning to online high schools as a viable alternative to public high school. Basically, an online high school allows a student to obtain a high school diploma using a computer and internet access. Students have a choice of public or private high schools online. Most public online high school education programs will have tuition free programs, while private high schools online will charge a fee. Free online education programs for high school students are available to residents of the state where the program is licensed.

Finding an Online High School

The first step in the selection process is to determine which schools have State Accreditation by a reputable accrediting organization. The importance of accredited schools is to ensure that coursework will be fully accredited and result in a recognized high school diploma acceptable for college entrance. Parents should review the learning model and educational software of the online high school to determine how it fits with the child’s mode of learning.

The online school selected should have a high degree of student/teacher interaction. This is accomplished through web cams, virtual learning modules, and personalized one-on-one communication with educators. The student, on the other hand, must be motivated to embrace the experience with as much dedication as he would in a regular high school. With online learning, parents also have the opportunity to become very involved with the educational process.

Reviewing Class Schedule

The education at online high schools will equal and rival regular public schools. Core curriculum should include:
•English – grades 9 through 12
•Math – algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry,
•Sciences – biology, chemistry, physics
•History – geography, world history, economics
•Computer studies
•Health and Fitness

Some online high schools use software for all coursework instruction; others use books and have the instruction online. Many schools use “virtual” learning modules.

What is Virtual Learning?

Online high schools will use some component of virtual learning as part of the curriculum for students. Online classes are offered that allow students to learn on a flexible schedule. Students engage in online courses and are able to interact with other students anywhere in a 24-hour time period. This allows students to exchange information and ideas with students from other cultures or nationalities.

Coursework is challenging and unique through virtual learning. Virtual learning online offers classes that are taught by teachers, and have limited class sizes. The online high school education does not require special software as all classes take place online. Virtual learning programs are structured semesters and weekly assignments, and students can post their class work at any time.

The National Education Association (NEA) reviews and recommends coursework for virtual learning online high school education, and monitors the quality of the courses.

Who is Eligible?

Any high school student is eligible to obtain high school education online. But coursework is also available to older individuals seeking a high school diploma that is not a general education degree (GED) or certificate program.

Students who need a flexible learning schedule do well with online education programs for high school. An online high school is also a good alternative for students who have health problems that require them to miss a lot of time from school. Some students just perform better in a non-traditional setting and work better at their own pace. Also, online high school education is good for the child that has an acting or modeling career, or has parents that travel constantly.

Do the Homework

Beware of schools that offer online high school degrees in a short amount of time. Review any private online high school education program carefully before spending money. Always check with the local Department of Education for guidance selecting the best online high school program. They can be an invaluable resource for guidance and curriculum standards and requirements for graduation.

Obtaining a high school education online can be a valuable learning experience for the motivated child.

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