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Immigration Department Australia - Immigration Department Australia and A New Life

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The immigration department in Australia is committed to helping those who wish to live in australia. The continent of australia is a wonderful place to live, and many people come to this continent for this reason. Becoming a part of the Australian community offers enormous benefits. The immigration department in australia recognizes the unique contributions made by people that have migrated to this country. The nation celebrates this diversity of people, and this department seeks to unify this diversity into a harmonious nation.

Those that desire to become citizens of australia are making a commitment to this nation. Immigrants must be willing to embrace the laws and rules of australia. Becoming a citizen means that you are assimilating into the nation. A person can receive a grant of citizenship by conferral. The requirements for this process can be met in a variety of ways. Those that have a lasting physical or mental incapacitation may be eligible for this grant of citizenship. After certain steps are performed, those that can demonstrate a good knowledge of English and Australia’s rules can be eligible for citizenship.

Furthermore, children of an australian parent are automatically considered Australian. It is very important to follow the rules and guidelines of the immigration department in Australia. Failure to abide by the rules could lead to significant problems. All persons that come into the country after 15 October 2007 are required to sign an Australian values statement. The country wants to make sure that immigrants understands the core values of this great nation. This also is a written agreement between the immigrant and the nation of Australia, the immigrant is declaring their desire to obey and respect the laws of Australia.

There are several different types of visas available. A provisional, temporary, or permanent visa can be granted. After a person arrives in Australia, there are a number of things to do. First, a person must apply for a tax file number to be eligible to work. Second, the immigrant should apply for Medicare. This is a government run program that provides assistance with basic medical care. The immigration department recommends opening a bank account. Most employers will pay wages directly into a bank account. Centrelink is another agency that provides critical services to the australian community. If an immigrant does not speak English, the immigrant should enroll in English classes soon after arriving in Australia. Also, all children that are school age should be enrolled in the appropriate school. Anyone that plans to drive an automobile must have a driver’s license. It is important to attain this as soon as possible.

Finally, a new immigrant has many things to learn about this great nation. It can be both exciting and scary at times. New immigrants should ask for assistance from the immigration department and others. It is important to take care of the above steps as soon as possible. This will make the transfer from another country go much smoother. It will take time to learn the Australian way of life. Many immigrants come to love the way of life in this country.

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