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Best Credit Card Uk - The Best Credit Cards in the UK

barclaycard platinum simplicity visa: halifax easy rate mastercard: halifax all in one mastercard: barclaycard gold visa:

Deciding which credit card to go with is among the most important financial decisions that a citizen can make. Interest rates can build up over time and take you by surprise. It is important to shop around before making a decision about who to make your transactions with. To help you with this, we have compiled a list to help you find the best credit card. UK citizens beware, there are credit card companies out there who charge much higher interest rates than the following options but roping you in with a lower introductory rate. You should also understand that all of the interest rates listed below are variable, meaning that they change in relation to the interest rates of the central bank.

Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity Visa:

This is one of the best credit cards in the UK because it offers a very low annual percentage rate (APR). All purchases and balance transfers are charged a 6.8 percent APR fee, with no additional handling fees. You can earn money back when you make purchases from specified retailers. That’s not vouchers or points, it’s money that goes back on to your credit card that can be spent at any of the other specified retailers.

Halifax Easy Rate MasterCard:

It is simple to manage your money with a Halifax Easy Rate MasterCard. The card offers their lowest available APR of 6.9 percent. This rate applies to both purchases as well as balance transfers. This credit card does not charge any extra fees for balance transfers whatsoever.

Lloyds TSB Advance MasterCard:

For the first half year, this card will not charge interest on any new purchases. For the first three months, balance transfers will be charged at 4.9 percent interest with a three percent fee. The interest rate remains quite low thereafter, coming in at 11.9 percent APR.

Sainsbury’s Finance Nectar Credit Card MasterCard:

This card offers a fairly competitive interest rate of 12.9 percent APR. The Sainsbury’s Finance Nectar Credit Card allows you to get twice as many Nectar points when you shop Sainsbury’s for the first two years. There is no introductory interest rate for either balance transfers or purchases.

Bank of Scotland All in One MasterCard:

For the first ten months, you will not be charged interest on balance transfers if you use a Bank of Scotland All in One MasterCard. There is a three percent fee, however. For the first ten months there is no interest charged on purchases either. The card has no annual fee, it offers protection from internet fraud, customer service is available twenty four hours a day, and you can manage the card online. When the introductory period ends, the interest rate goes up to a fairly competitive 15.9 percent APR.

Halifax All in One MasterCard:

This card offers most of the same options as the Bank of Scotland option: no interest on balance transfers or purchases for the first ten months, a three percent fee on balance transfers, and a 15.9 percent APR rate thereafter. And once again, there’s no annual fee, fraud protection, always available customer service, and online card management.

Lloyds TSB Platinum MasterCard:

For the first year there is no interest charged on balance transfers, and the fee for balance transfers is three percent. There is also no interest at all charged on purchases that are made within the first three months. After this period the interest rate goes up to its typical 15.9 percent APR. You can add a second card holder, giving two people access to the same account, as long as they are both over the age of eighteen. The card is guaranteed to protect you from internet fraud or Chip and PIN number theft. The account is monitored actively and will alert you if there are any payments made out of the ordinary. Oversees emergency assistance is also made available through the card. The card can be managed on the internet.

Barclaycard Gold Visa:

There will be no interest charged on balance transfers until September of 2011 if you use a Barclaycard Gold Visa. Balance transfers do have a 2.5 percent fee. The annual percentage rate for purchases is 19.9 percent, however. The card does allow you to earn money at specified retailers.

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