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Credit Card Cheap - Find a Credit Card that is Cheap for Your Needs

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Credit cards are often an unnecessary drain on financial resources, putting borrowers in debt or simply sucking money out of their pockets that could be used for other things. As a result deciding what type of credit card to go with is a very important decision that will have financial implications for quite some time afterword. It is important to make sure that the credit card you decide to use is the one that is best suited to your purposes. Since choosing a credit card can be a somewhat difficult journey to embark on, we have compiled a list of some of the best credit cards available in each of the categories you might be looking for. We will get started with the best low interest credit card.

The Credit Card with the Cheapest Interest Rate:

The Citi Platinum Select MasterCard offers a low variable interest rate of between twelve and twenty percent APR. It has a grace period of twenty days, and no annual fee. It starts off with no interest charged on balance transfers for the first eighteen months, and no interest charged on purchases for the first year. If you have a good or an excellent credit score, this is one of the best cheap credit cards available. Balance transfers do have a five percent service fee, with a ten dollar minimum and no maximum, so be careful about transferring money back and forth. Benefits that come with the card include car rental insurance, retail protection insurance, and fraud protection.

The Credit Card with Cheap Balance Transfers:

With a variable interest rate of between twelve and twenty one percent, the Discover More Card – $75 Cashback Bonus deal is comparable in interest to the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard, with only a slightly higher rate. The interest rate starts off at zero as well, but in this case the interest rate for purchases goes to the normal rate after six months, not twelve. The interest rate charged on balance transfers goes to the normal rate after twelve months instead of eighteen as well. If that’s the case, why is this the best card for balance transfers? The balance transfer fee is only four percent, not five. The card has a grace period of twenty five days. The card also gives you a seventy five dollar Cashback Bonus when you spend five hundred dollars on purchases within the first three months. A five percent Cashback Bonus is also available for purchases made on gasoline, travel, movies, restaurants, among others. There is a limit to the amount of CashBack Bonuses you can receive for each category, however. You can earn up to one percent Cashback on normal purchases, and an unlimited amount of one percent bonuses are available after you spend three thousand dollars within a year. You get five hundred thousand dollars in travel accident insurance and you get car rental insurance.

The Cheapest Credit Card for Those with Excellent Credit:

The Capital One Platinum Prestige offers a great deal with a variable interest rate of twelve percent APR. There is no interest on either balance transfers or purchases until July of 2011. The card has a grace period of twenty five days and there is no annual fee. The card comes with warranties for things that you buy, travel accident insurance, car rental insurance, and roadside assistance in the even of auto trouble. There is no fee for making payments outside of the United States. The balance transfer fee is also excellent, costing only three percent.

The Best Cash Back Credit Card:

The Chase Freedom Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back deal gives you a card with a variable interest rate of between thirteen and twenty three percent APR, a grace period of twenty days, and no annual fee. You can earn five percent cash back on categories that are rotated periodically. The categories include department stores, home improvement, and gasoline. You receive the cash back only if you reach a quarterly minimum payment. A one percent rebate can be earned for every dollar spent on normal purchases. If you spend eight hundred dollars within the first three months you will earn a hundred dollar bonus. The card does have a five percent balance transfer fee and a three percent international charge fee.

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