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Credit Cards Compared - Credit Card Comparisons

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There are a number of credit card companies who offer low interest rates on their credit cards. People who are looking to get a credit card are looking for the lowest interest rates they can find. Credit cards which have a high interest rate are usually transferred over to a lower interest rate credit card. There are many credit card deals that a person can find that offer many different savings. There are low interest rate credit cards, balance transfer, rewards cards, cash back cards, airline credit cards, instant approval cards, prepaid, debit, student, and bad credit cards. People in every situation can find a card that works for them. There are websites that offer credit card matches to find the best credit cards that a person can qualify for.

There are four main types of credit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. There are over fifty different credit card companies who offer several great deals on their credit cards. Some of the companies are Capital One, Chase, Citi, and Bank America. With each of these credit card companies, there are many different deals with each card. For people who like to travel will find great deals with the Capital One Venture One fly free credit cards who offer 1.25 miles per dollar. For people who enjoy getting cash back for their purchases will want a Chase Freedom, Capital One No Hassle Cash, Bank America Cash Rewards, or the Discover More credit cards. For people who are looking to transfer their balances onto other cards will find great deals with balance transfer cards, such as Citi Diamond, Citi Dividend Platinum Select, Citi Platinum Select, and Capital One Platinum Prestige. All of these balance transfer cards offer low interest rates for balance transfers.

Trying to find credit card comparisons can be confusing with the many different offers, but many credit card companies offer credit cards that can give a person a deal on everything with just one card. A person does not have to apply for three different credit cards in order to have one card for traveling, one for bank transfers, and one to get cash rewards back. The Citi Platinum Select credit cards give a twelve month balance transfer with zero percent interest, plus up to five percent cash back bonuses from spending at restaurants, car rentals, and hotels while traveling. However, the requirements for these type of cards are excellent credit. For people who only have good credit will only qualify for the Chase Freedom and Capital One Venture One cards.

The cards for bad credit are the American Octane Onyx Unsecured credit card that requires a $99 one time fee, First Premier Master Card, Centennial Classic Master Card, and the Aventium Classic Master Card. It does not matter how much bad credit the person has, it is a one hundred percent approval rate, but most of these credit cards charge a one time fee. Other cards that are offered for bad credit are the Account Now Gold prepaid Visa, and Ready debit prepaid Visa cards, which require no credit checks. For people who have fair credit there is the Orchard Bank Visa card, which offers balance transfers. The Orchard Bank card charges a $74 annual fee. The bad credit cards are to help people to reestablish their credit history. Other bad credit card offers are Capital One Secured Master Card, First Premier Bank, Centennial Secured, Capital One Secured for young adults, Public Savings Bank Classic Visa, Applied Bank Visa, and Platinum Zero Visa. The Platinum Zero Visa is the best offer for people with bad credit because it charges a zero percent interest rate, does not charge for late fees, and it does not charge fees to apply for the credit card.

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