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Card Credit Gas - Credit Cards with Gas Rewards

citi diamond preferred rewards card: discover more card: chase freedom visa:

As the price of gasoline at the pump goes up at the fuel stations, finding ways to save money or earn a little bonus when you fill up your tank has never been more helpful than it is today. As a result, now might be the time to start considering credit cards with gas rewards. Here are some gas credit cards worth thinking about, and comparing with one another.

Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card:

This card will give you five ThankYou Points for every dollar spent on gas, at drugstores, and in supermarkets for the first year. After that it drops down to one ThankYou Point for each dollar. There is no interest for the first twelve months, and no annual fee. The standard interest rate is a variable rate between thirteen and twenty one percent. It requires a good credit rating to own this card. Additional benefits include a fifty dollar gift card, six thousand bonus points after spending your first three hundred dollars within three months. The ThankYou points can be redeemed at select stores for merchandise, travel, gift cards, and cash.

Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards:

The Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards requires excellent credit to own. As a credit card with gas rewards, you get two percent cash back on gas and groceries. There is no interest charged on the card until July of 2011, after which it goes up to the standard rate of 14.9 percent APR. There is no annual fee. There is a one percent cash back bonus of purchases other than gas and groceries. There is no maximum that can be earned in cash rewards, and the cash does not expire with time. The cash can be redeemed as statement credit, as a check, or as a gift card. You can get the cash back whenever you need it, and there are no foreign transaction fees if you make a purchase from outside of the United States.

Discover More Card:

The Discover More Card requires an excellent credit score. This card offers a five percent Cashback Bonus for purchasing from specified categories that are changed periodically. Among the categories are of course gasoline, as well as restaurants, groceries, home improvement, and travel. There is no interest charged on balance transfers for the first year, and no interest on purchases for the first six months. The standard interest rate is variable between twelve and twenty percent APR, and there is no annual fee. If you spend five hundred dollars within the first three months you will receive a seventy five dollar Cashback Bonus. Normal purchases receive Cashback Bonuses up to one percent.

Chase Freedom Visa:

In order to own a Chase Freedom Visa card you must also have an excellent credit score rating. This credit card has gas rewards by offering a five percent bonus when you purchase gasoline. The same bonus applies to other categories including department stores and and home improvement. This card does have a maximum bonus that can not be exceeded. There is no interest rate to start with, and on balance transfers there is no interest charged for the first year. The regular interest rate is variable between thirteen and twenty three percent APR. There is no annual fee. A one percent bonus is available for all normal purchases. Up to twenty percent cash back is available for customers who shop online through the Chase store.

Chase Freedom Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back:

This special deal on the Chase Freedom Visa offers a one hundred dollar bonus if you spend eight hundred dollars within the first three months. Unlike the standard Chase Freedom Visa, this card does not start off with zero percent interest, however. All the other benefits are the same, including the limited five percent bonus on gas and other specified categories, and the unlimited one percent bonus on normal purchases.

TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express:

This card also requires excellent credit. You earn a three percent bonus for gasoline purchases for up to three thousand dollars in a year. The bonus for gas drops to one percent after that. You will also get a twenty five dollar bonus for activating the card, three percent back on restaurants, two percent on travel, one percent on everything else, and no annual fee when you pay your Costco membership. Variable APR of 15.24 percent.

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