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Usa Credit Cards - How to Pick from Among the Top USA Credit Cards

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If you’re trying to make some larger investments to further your life, you need to know how to pick from among the best USA credit cards. Whether you want to buy a house, purchase a car, or just get some nicer things for yourself in general, you need to be able to find what type of credit card fits your lifestyle, budget, and general spending potential. By taking an objective look at the following types of USA credit cards, you can make the right choice for you and your financial situation so you can finally start to make those larger purchases you’ve been dreaming about.

One of the most well known credit cards in America, Discover offers great introductory offers on most of their cards. Many of their programs start off with 0% APR and no annual fees, and they’re widely recognized around the continental United States, meaning that very few locations will deny your using of the card. The cash back rewards that many of the cards offer make this the perfect card for students and those who are new to getting a credit card. Make certain that your credit score starts out the best that it can by choosing a Discover card.

Visa is another card that offers no annual fees on most of its cards, making it great for those with a low credit score or newcomers to the credit card game. While Visa itself does not issue cards, it’s tied into more than 20,000 banks and financial institutions the world over, meaning that a bank in your area will more than likely carry a card program with their services. Furthermore, many Visa cards offer cash back rewards on all everyday purchases, as well as promotions with major airlines to offer travel-related incentives for using the card. If you want a card that will take you to a faraway country that will still accept it in their larger stores, opt for a Visa.

One of the most widely recognized brands on the face of the earth, MasterCard is one that is accepted in most major cities around the globe. Much like Visa, it doesn’t distribute cards on its own, so annual fees and APR are determined entirely by the financial institution you choose to get it from. However, it should be noted that most MasterCard products have a 0% introductory APR and a lack of annual fees for at least the first six months. However, MasterCard is one of the USA credit cards that requires its users to have an established line of credit before applying for one. If you already have good credit and want to expand on that, then applying for a MasterCard is a great way for you to make better purchases while being able to use your money while traveling.

One of the most respected names in the realm of USA credit cards, American Express is the card for someone with extremely prolific credit. Most have annual fees unless tied with an external program, and the APR can be quite high for those who are new to the credit card game. As such, American Express usually denies card membership to anyone except those who are in a great financial situation. That being said, the rewards offered by American Express are nothing short of exemplary. Free travel rewards and discounts at cultural events and fine dining locations, as well as cash back on luxury purchases are just some of the incentives for getting an American Express card. If you have a secure net of cash in your bank account and want something to add a little luxurious spending in your life, then definitely apply for an American Express credit card.

When looking at the best USA credit cards, you really need to look at your bank account and see what you can afford to spend. If you have introductory or bad credit, or if you’re a student who needs a card for college, then you should look into the cards offered by your financial institution, which will more likely than not be a Visa or Discover card. On the other hand, if you’re more established and want to make some serious improvements in your financial standing, as well as get some nicer things for your home and family, consider the options given to you by MasterCard and American Express.

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