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Great West Life Insurance - For Affordable Rate And Unparalled Customer Service, Choose Great West Life Insurance

retirement plans services company

As the baby boomer generation nears retirement age, the idea of proper financial planning has finally hit home. Although many of these individuals have made a nice nest egg for themselves, there are others who didn’t invest wisely in their future. It is the latter group that is now realizing that an additional source of income may be necessary to live out a comfortable life in the balance of the post-employment years.

There are many great companies that offer these types of services; one in particular is Great West or Great West Life Insurance. They are able to provide the best in premiums and coverage for those workers in almost every stage of their career, from beginning to end. Since this portion of a benefit package is typically done by the human resources person in a corporation, most employees don’t give it a second thought. However, with the tumultuous economy, things are constantly changing, and many industries are now requiring their staff to locate some of these items on their own. Thus it makes good sense to find a provider that will assist in this process.

For individual or group rates, one of the best places to start is with Great West. They have many diverse plans; some specific for one person, with others designated for a whole company. With the entire spectrum of financial services covered here, it is next to impossible not to find something of value after speaking with one of their representatives. They are informed as to the latest changes in investment properties, and usually find the right type of coverage for any situation.

Great West life insurance is just one of the products offered by this company. Indeed, they carry annuities and other retirement-related options to give clients what they need in this time of their life. Policies can be tailored to the individual, using both term and single-premium whole life insurance plans. The annuity products are typically distributed through a member financial institution to provide the best possible rate of return. This is just another way in which the professionals at Great West are committed to providing the right type of information to help customers safeguard their future.

As one of the industry leaders in providing businesses with group plans, the experts here demonstrate the best in group retirement savings products and services. Their list of corporate institutions includes government, healthcare, and the education sectors as well as the nonprofit market. The comprehensive programs are among the best in the industry, with retirement services and individual markets comprising the two main types of offerings.

Bookkeeping is another one of the various options that can be handled by Great West. Its main subsidiary – FASCore, LLC has more than 4.2 million accounts. This number ranks it 4th on the list of defined contribution bookkeeper services, according to records made available by the Spectrum Group. This is in addition to the Retirement Services run by the same company. The Government Market s group alone had over 1.6 million members in the retirement programs being managed by FASCore. These were in the 457 and 401K plans eligible for employee contribution. A recent ranking saw this company rank first in state government plans and 2nd in the overall government realm according to an additional survey done by the Spectrem group.

Of particular interest is the area of healthcare. Recent events have seen a great upheaval in both what is offered, and the amount of services that are currently being covered. As this number seems to dwindle every year, more people are beginning to realize they need some help in this area. At Great West, their Healthcare Market group has made this their number one priority. They can now offer a flexible retirement savings plan that will help immensely in planning for this area of need.

Great West Life Insurance is one of the most popular firms in this industry. With flexible plans for both individual and group programs, they remain a leader in the field. Retirement plans that offer many options for savings are just one of the choices made available by the financial experts here. A portfolio should contain at least one offering from the experts at this firm.

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