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Lumbar Support Chair - Choosing a Lumbar Support Chair That Best Fits You

sitting lower develop posture

Choosing a lumbar support chair that best fits you is important for the future health of your back and neck.

With today’s lifestyle, many people spend a good portion of their day sitting down. Commuting to work and back, being in front of a computer, meetings and conferences, watching TV, reading, and playing video games are just a few things that most people spend time doing each and every day while sitting. Without proper lumbar support, your spine could develop back and leg pain like sciatica and other health issues.

Sitting in chairs without any back support can lead to poor posture. Poor posture stresses and deteriorates joints and tissues in the spine. Sitting for even longer periods of time without taking short breaks can exacerbate this condition. The back gets tired of being in the same position and bad posture habits such as slouching and hunching over start to develop. Posture habits developed when sitting for long periods of time can be carried over to bad posture habits while standing and moving about.

When the spine and larger back muscles don’t get the right support, they get tired. They have to work harder to maintain the correct alignment and may start to weaken. If allowed to become too tired and weak through sitting without proper support, the upper back, neck, and head tend to drop and lean forward in an attempt to compensate for the weakness. This leaning forward disrupts the natural curve of the lower back.

Shifting or leaning forward while sitting in an office chair increases pressure and stress on the discs, joints, and soft tissues of the back. It can constrict nerves and blood vessels. This can quickly create muscle tension and stiffness. Pain, sometimes acute, can develop in the lower back and legs. Fatigue, headaches, pressure on the organs, and breathing problems can also develop without the proper lumbar alignment that a chair with good lumbar support can bring.

A good lumbar support chair can alleviate the pain and discomfort that poor posture habits can create by providing support to the lower back region when sitting. This helps to promote good posture and better health for the spine and internal organs.

The portion of the lower spine right above the buttocks curves in naturally toward the stomach. This is called the lordotic curve. This curve is where a lumbar support chair meets the body and provides the support it needs to maintain the natural curve of the lower spine when sitting. The entire lower back should be properly supported for optimal comfort. If the chair support does not meet the whole lumbar region of the body, the chair will not provide the health benefits that your body needs.

Perfect lumbar support for one person may not be the right support for another. Each individual has a slightly different curve point where proper support is needed. The only way for an individual to know which chair is right for them is to sit in a chair and see where the support meets the lower back. Some chairs are adjustable and can be moved to the correct area. In cases where a single chair is used by more than one person, this type of chair is optimal.

A good support office chair should have arm rests to support the elbows. This will help to avoid neck strain. The elbows should rest comfortably at a right angle for optimal support. If the elbow rests are placed too high for your body, you may develop shoulder and neck strain. Ensure elbow rests are at a comfortable level.

Knees should also be at right angles. Knees that are higher than the hips when sitting may develop stiffness and discomfort. On the other side, if the chair is placed too high, then the back of the legs will have too much pressure put on them and pinch off circulation. Chair height is just as important as the placement of the seat back. When sitting in a chair, a footrest should be used for elevation of one foot at a time. Periodically swap feet for more back comfort.

When adjusting the height of the chair, ensure that eyes looking at a computer monitor or viewing station are able to see straight ahead. Neck strain may develop if the eyes have to look up or down for long periods of time.

No matter what type of lumber support chair is used, brief breaks need to be taken. Remove yourself from the chair for a few minutes every hour. Stand, walk about, and stretch for at least two minutes before sitting back down. You will find that doing this will refresh your eyes, clear your mind, and provide needed motion for your lumbar region.

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