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Large Women's Clothing - Styling Tips For Large Women's Clothing

women’s styles woman clothes

The fashion industry is fickle. Styles change overnight. The designers gear their collections for the young, hip and eccentric. True, there are fashion forward styles for mature women but, there is one audience that has been all but forgotten.

Large women’s clothing has been ignored for years. It is not fashionable to wear sizes that are double digits. Models in the large women’s clothing industry are size 14. Hardly what you imagine when envisioning a large woman.

Women’s clothing is designed for several body styles. There are markets for petite women, ‘regular’ women, tall women and plus sized women. Each of the first three genres has designers unique to their market. It seems no-one wants to design clothing for the large sized woman. Even today, the styles are drab and matronly. There are hundreds of young, hip, large-size women who would love to have an age appropriate, diverse and stylish wardrobe. Instead, their choices still consist of polyester slacks and floral cotton shirts.

Even with the limited choices in large women’s clothing, there are some general rules. In any wardrobe, there are a few basics that should be in every closet. For example, a pair of high quality slacks ia a must. Black is usually a good choice. Don’t skimp here, as you will find you are wearing them often and you want them to be durable. Paying a bit more for quality pieces will save you money in the long run.

One important rule for large women when shopping for clothes is a proper fit. There is nothing worse than seeing a large woman wearing a piece of clothing that is too tight, too short, too baggy or too young/old. A good department store will have a fashion consultant that can assess your body shape and help you select pieces that are flattering and fit properly.

Another area that a lot of women neglect is their undergarments. This is especially important for a large woman’s appearance. A good bra can provide support and make a shirt or blouse look much more flattering. There are also some good garments that will firm up that tummy and midsection to give you a much sleeker look.

Although large women’s clothes tend to be a little conservative, don’t be afraid to add some color. You can do this without having to worry about sizes. Get a splashy handbag or a colorful pair of shoes. Scarves, jewelry or hair accessories can also add a little pizzazz to any outfit and even transform it from day to evening.

So, if you are a large woman, don’t be discouraged. There are many options to help you look and feel good. You can be sophisticated without looking outlandish. You can be casual without looking sloppy. Just take the time and make the effort. Who knows? Perhaps you will be the next trend setter in large women’s clothes.

Now, it’s time for you designers to wake up and smell the coffee! There is a huge market for large women’s clothes. Style is not just for the runway. Some one needs to take on the challenge of making our plus sized ladies look and feel like a full figured Carrie Bradshaw.

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