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Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum - What Makes the Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum a Great Choice for Home Cleaning?

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The Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum is not just a run of the mill, average vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is fully stocked with state of the art features to assist the home cleaning enthusiast make the most of their time spent house cleaning. With impressive and powerful newly added features, the Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum has become one of the highest selling upright vacuum cleaners in existence.

The Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum is a bag free model, reducing the extra waste created by traditional vacuums that use a bag to trap the dirt and dust captured by the vacuum. The bag less feature allows users to save money by no longer needing to purchase vacuum cleaning bags and also to reduce environmental waste. This environmentally and financially friendly feature is just one of the many things that helps to make the Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum a great choice for the home. The idea of never needing to purchase or empty a vacuum cleaner bag again holds a great deal of appeal for many users.

Dirt Devil’s line of Vision Vacuums all feature their signature clear dirt container which allows the user to actually see the dirt, dust, lint and crumbs that they are picking up while vacuuming. This feature allows users to easily see when the canister needs to be emptied. Another convenient feature of the clear dirt container is that it can be easily emptied and rinsed out when necessary. The Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum allows the user to see immediate results both on the floor and in the clear pick up canister.

One of the features that a user might not be able to immediately see, but will definitely appreciate is the Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum’s impressive 12 amp motor. This powerful motor let’s the user clean up even the toughest messes with just a few passes of the vacuum. With this vacuum, gone are the days of pass after pass of the vacuum only to find debris still left on the floor. The 12 amp motor assures that the vacuum cleans quickly and efficiently every time. The Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum motor is protected by the company’s patented protection system called “Motor Guard”. This safe guarding system works to prevent the motor from being harmed by potentially dangerous debris. With this feature, all dirt, dust and other debris are deposited immediately into the storage receptacle, effectively avoiding and protecting the vacuum’s motor and fan system.

Perhaps one of the most popular features included with the Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum is the specialized HEPA System, which aids to filter virtually all ragweed and varieties of pollen. This filtration system also traps almost 100% of the common household allergens and dust particles, aiding in the control of common allergies. The HEPA System can be a welcome bonus for anyone who suffers from allergies.

The Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum is not just one of the best selling upright vacuum cleaners on the market; it is also one of the most guaranteed cleaners around. This vacuum comes with one of the longest warranties offered by any vacuum cleaner on the market.

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