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Dirt Devil Featherlite Vacuum - A Dirt Devil Featherlite Vacuum Can Make Cleaning Easier

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A lightweight vacuum makes cleaning easier, and the Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum series fits that description. Weighing less than 14 pounds, the Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum is easy to carry from one room to another and is even easy to carry up and down stairs. Your back will thank you for trying this vacuum.

The Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum is available in two different varieties—bagged and bagless. In the bagless variety, the user must frequently remove and empty a dirt canister. However, there are no bags to buy, and it’s easy to see when the canister needs to be emptied, unlike a hidden bag which may be forgotten until it’s over-full. Some reviewers claim that the bagless Dirt Devil Featherlite has better suction than its bagged brother.

Each Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum, bagged or bagless, has a 12 amp motor for powerful cleaning. Both styles feature cleanable filters, a HEPA filter in the bagless and a Micro Fresh filter in the bagged. Each features a 25 foot cord—the longer size makes cleaning go faster, since you won’t have to unplug and re-plug the vacuum as often. Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuums feature plenty of on-board attachments to make it easy to clean different surfaces. You’ll find a crevice tool, wand extension, upholstery brush and a stretch hose on either style of vacuum. Both have a 13 inch cleaning path and brush roller.

To decide between the bagged or bagless Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum, you may want to consider some of the other differences between the two styles. The bagged vacuum features a headlight, enabling you to see into dark corners and avoid vacuuming up small objects on the carpet. The bagged style also features automatic height adjustment. This means you can go from carpet to bare floors, or vice versa, without stopping to change the vacuum height.

The bagless Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum features a convenient fold-down handle. When it’s folded, the handle extends less than 27 inches, making it easy to store your vacuum in small spaces.

It’s important to understand that a small, lightweight vacuum won’t have the same cleaning power as a heavy canister vacuum. The Dirt Devil Featherlight vacuum may not be the best choice for heavy-duty cleaning of extremely soiled carpets. However, most reviews of the Featherlite report it exceeded expectations for such a lightweight vacuum, even working well on moderate to heavy pet hair. For regular cleaning of a home with a normal level of dust and dirt, the Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum is probably more than adequate.

For many people, the moderate loss in cleaning power is more than made up by the ease of use of a lightweight vacuum. Vacuuming with a heavy canister vacuum can cause back pain and overall aches. Vacuuming becomes less of a dreaded chore when the vacuum doesn’t cause the user pain. The ease of use of the Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum may encourage more frequent cleaning, which means the vacuum doesn’t have to work as hard to keep carpets clean, making its suction power last longer.

The Dirt Devil name has been synonymous with low cost, high quality vacuums since the 1980s. With each year, the company has continued to increase the quality of their products while keeping costs low. First known as makers of hand vacuums, they branched out with upright vacuums and now make stick vacuums, cordless vacuums, canister vacuums and carpet shampooers as well. The Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum is a perfect fit into their line of products aimed at making quality cleaning products available to middle class consumers.

Either the bagged or bagless style of the Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum costs between 60 and 70 dollars, depending on where it’s purchased. They’re available at most discount stores, such as Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart, as well as from online retailers or Dirt Devil’s own website.

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