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Reception Desk Furniture - Reception Desk Furniture Serves Many Purposes

the first impression practical considerations accessibility to clients and employees ergonomics are important decorative elements

Reception desk furniture is more than just a place for the receptionist to sit and answer the phone. It is usually the first element of design and personality that a customer or client will see when he or she enters your office. Of all of your office furniture, reception desk choice should be the one that is the most carefully considered. Take your time to find the reception desk furniture that shows off your company’s style and character the most directly.

The First Impression

Usually the reception desk furniture is a customer’s introduction to your business. You want to be sure that the furniture that fills the reception area truly reflects who your company is. If the reception desk looks like it was pieced together in the back of a discount store, it will make your company look like it cuts too many corners. If the desk is too ostentatious, however, it will make your company seem less approachable. The office furniture you choose for your reception desk needs to be the most inviting piece of furniture in your office suite.

Practical Considerations

The purpose of reception desk furniture is to provide the receptionist with a place to perform his or her duties in a practical manner. It is also a place for customers or clients to ask for information or announce that they have arrived to meet with people who work in the offices. The desk needs to be able to accommodate all of the office supplies that a receptionist will need in order to fulfill his or her tasks without being too cluttered. A professional receptionist desk should have a panel that covers the front of the desk so that people who walk by can not see through to the receptionist’s legs. It also provides a handy place for storing items that are not in use.

Accessibility to Clients and Employees

Unlike some kinds of office furniture, reception desk furniture should be open and allow visitors to easily interact with the receptionist. The desk needs to be big enough so that items can be worked on without taking over the entire desk area. The ideal reception desk furniture would have an extra wide surface so that the receptionist can work on one half of the desk while visitors comfortably write notes or other communications on the other half of the desk. A wide desk also provides some privacy for the receptionist if he or she is working on something that is of a more confidential nature.

Ergonomics are Important

Reception desk furniture needs to be designed so that a person sitting at the furniture all day will be comfortable. Ergonomics provide the optimal design for an office desk, chair, computer keyboard, monitor, and telephone. Each item needs to be in comfortable reach of the receptionist without causing too much clutter on the desk top. The chair should offer a good amount of back support for the receptionist who will spend up to 8 hours sitting there each day.

Placement of a Computer and Phone

Most modern reception desk furniture is designed to be used with a computer and keyboard. When you are choosing which type of desk to use in the reception area, it is best to find one that allows the computer to be placed in the corner of the desk instead of in the center. The receptionist will divide his or her time between talking with customers over the middle of the desk and working with the computer. It is more inviting if the middle of the desk is clear so that conversations can be had comfortably. The phone should be placed beside the receptionist instead of over the center of the desk, as well.

Decorative Elements

Reception desk furniture is practical, but it also needs to be somewhat personal. The furniture in the reception area needs to be lightly decorated so that it seems more inviting and less cold. Nice reception desk decorations can include small flower arrangements or photos that deal with the type of business that the firm does. There should be photos or paintings on the walls of the reception area as well. Any windows should have curtains that match the room’s paint colors instead of mini-blinds. Curtains are softer and more inviting than sterile blinds.

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over 5 years ago

Many thanks to the author of this article. I find it very professionally researched and presents a very professionally looking reception which takes into account aesthetics, which are very important in creating a good and lasting impressions about a company.Bravo.