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Asics Womens Running Shoes - Asics Women's Running Shoes for Comfort

women’s support line gel

Many people enjoy an active lifestyle, which may include exercise or simply getting out of doors. Hiking, biking, and running are all great ways to enjoy nature as well as get in the much needed physical recreation each day. For the women who are active runners, they may want to look into Asics women’s running shoes. Asics women’s running shoes are one of the top rated running shoes for overall comfort. Not only are Asics comfortable, but they can also increase endurance and distance as well. By combining a spring action sole with their patented gel technology, Asics has developed some of the most popular running shoes for women on the market.
Nimbus 12
Asics women’s running shoes fall under a few categories, the first and most popular for all varieties of running is the Nimbus 12 line. This shoe is said to be the luxury shoe of women’s running shoes due to its incorporation of a fully gelled sole that acts as not only cushion and support, but an energy return system as well. Furthermore, the shoe’s eyes go farther up the ankle line, which gives added support to the ankle and the foot as a whole. The lacing system of this pair of Asics women’s running shoes features an asymmetrical design that form fits the foot, which allows no movement of the shoe on the heel when running. Finally, the lower portion of the sole not only uses gel for its spring mechanism but uses memory foam to provide its runner with the utmost in protection.
Cumulus 12
For Asics women’s running shoes for everyday training, the Cumulus 12 line is a great choice. This pair of women’s running shoes is for overall training on all terrains such as trails, road, and the combination of the two. With the Cumulus 12, the runner can use the structured heel that incorporates gel for the ultimate in comfort. With lacing similar to the Nimbus 12 line, the form fitting support of the eyelets give the runner blister protection from inner movement of the sole. For cross-training and everyday use, many choose the Cumulus 12.
Trail Running
Not everyone runs their neighborhood sidewalks and streets. Some runners enjoy getting back to nature and running their local park trails. For those women, there is the Asics Gel Fortitude. The fortitude has a higher lacing structure for added support to the ankle. The sole and heel are altered to give more diversity for the ever changing terrains, which gives even more protection when running over rocks, stumps, and other debris not found on the track or street. The Fortitude line still offers the same traditional gel insole although it too has been restructured for trail running to provide more support on the ball of the foot instead focusing so much on the heel. For those who run on all types of terrain, the Asics Gel Fortitude is the shoe of choice.
The Asics Gel Landreth 6 line is the shoe chosen by many runners who find their feet slipping inside the shoe. The Landreth 6 offers a unique upper collar fitting technique, which aids in the prevention of foot slippage especially in the heel. Their patented Clutch Collar system offers its runners a unique design for the control of the ankle and heel, which leads to the ultimate in comfort. The Landreth 6 line is designed for all types of running environments as well as cross-training on multiple terrain. This shoe is great for those who need added ankle support with extra comfort and durability.
Quality and Comfort
With so many choices offered by Asics women’s running shoes, one may find it daunting to choose just one pair. Asics running shoes offer a number of options for different terrain as well as for those who have the need for different areas of support. However, no matter what pair of Asics women’s running shoes you choose, you will be thrilled with your purchase.

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