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Weber Summit Grills - Weber Summit Grills Offer More Than Meets The Eye

barbecue food cooking space

There is nothing that says summer quite like the smell of barbecue wafting through the warm sunny air, as a group at the park gathers around the grill excited for the food that is cooking to be done to perfection.

Memories of childhood come flooding back as faces get messy being smeared with the thick sauce that covers those short ribs.

Now that an entire line of very affordable and feature-packed Weber summit grills intended for home use have come out on the market, it’s not uncommon to find families whiling away their Sunday with a barbecue feast created from all varieties of food. Even dessert pizza has been seen taking up space on the grill as the barbecue’s intense heat is used to slowly melt the chocolate that is glazing the sugary sweet dough.

Those who are interested in the purchase of a home barbecue will find many positive aspects to Weber summit grills.

Core Features Of Weber Summit Grills

Constructed of a stainless steel that is an ideal heat conductor for foods to be cooked, Weber summit grills boast a total of six burners that are each outfitted with their own burner ignition system. Totaling 838 square inches of space, this grill dedicates 693 square inches to the actual food cooking surface while the remaining 145 square inches are reserved for a warming rack built right into the unit.

Cooking grates manufactured from porcelain enamel serve to complement Weber summit grills even further. In addition, the grill is fully enclosed in a stainless steel cart on wheels, making it easy to maneuver and store when the cookout has come to its inevitable conclusion.

A smoker burner, smoker box, and rotisserie cooker also come with Weber summit grills, giving the chef as much versatility as desired when it comes to the sometimes challenging decision of what to make for dinner.

A drip tray system and a set of LED grill-out lights add a unique quality to this barbecue, two features that are readily appreciated by those who own it.

Two stainless steel work surfaces are additionally a part of Weber summit grills. Also seen on this creation is a storage area sufficient enough to pack away and safeguard six different barbecuing tools of the cook’s choice when said items are not in use. And for those worried about how the outdoor weather may cause damage to the grill, Weber offers an inexpensive solution with its cover that is made to fit this specific barbecue model.

Reviews Of The Weber Summit Grill

A majority of barbecue reviewers are not hesitant to give positive accolades to this particular grill.

Citing its superior craftsmanship and durability, those consumers who have written evaluations of Weber summit grills most often mention how satisfied they are with the product’s overall design and built in functionality, thus leading to feelings of happiness for making the purchase.

Reviewers also enthusiastically point out that the more than sufficient cooking space on Weber summit grills allows for a party to be effortlessly had when it comes to the food the guests will eat. And, because so much extra cooking space translates to more food at a time being made, the host of the party is therefore able to spend more hours mingling with the partygoers and less time making the meal.

A third common observation made about Weber summit grills is how their features more than equal the price paid for the unit itself. Various critics will go so far as to say that this grill beats what is in gourmet restaurants or the homes of professional chefs in terms of price and what the consumer receives in return. A reviewer even concluded his evaluation by stating that Weber summit grills are just as good as those barbecues that cost more than five times the amount.

One standout reviewer managed to succinctly sum it up in just a few telltale words when posing the golden question: ‘is it really possible for a human to fall in love with a grill?’

Buying Weber summit grills is as simple as signing onto a trusted website such as Amazon.com or BarbecuesGalore.com for those who are in the market to make the purchase.

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