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How To Get Ged - How To Get Prepared For The GED Exam

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A General Education Diploma, or GED (also called a General Equivalency Diploma), is a certificate that is issued to a person who has passed a series of tests that prove they have the basic skills of a high school graduate. These tests are designed for those who have, for whatever reason, not received a high school diploma from the school they attended. They are also designed for those who never attended a traditional high school.

The basic GED exam is comprised of five different modules, each testing a different part of the curriculum that should be known. Each of these sections must be completed within a certain amount of time, usually one to three hours.

Tests are given at schools or universities and are strictly moderated. There is no other way to achieve a GED other than taking the test in person. Proof of identity is required before you are allowed to take the test.

The five tests that must be passed are: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and two Language Arts tests (reading and writing). The Language Arts test for Writing is broken down into two further subsections.

How to get a GED in certain areas of the country may be slightly different. There are local school districts which may require that you take tests in additional subjects in order to qualify for a diploma.

Prior to 2002, the GED was a relatively easy test. Nearly every section except some of Mathematics and the Language Arts for Writing test were simply reading comprehension. Knowledge of basic science and social studies was not really needed. However, due to complaints that the test was too easy, it was changed and it is much more difficult to pass now.

In order to pass the GED you will need to achieve an average score of 450 out of a maximum of 800. This may be slightly higher depending on the requirements of the local school district.

The different sections of the test may present different problems to students depending on their individual skill sets. Mathematics tends to be difficult for some, especially when facing algebra and geometry questions. It should be noted, however, that there are basic formulas given in the test booklet, and the first half of this test allows the use of a calculator.

The Language Arts for Writing test is also considered very difficult. Specifically the second part in which the student must complete an essay on a given topic. The part that may seem daunting about this is that the essay must be written on a provided piece of paper and the student is not allowed to erase mistakes or changes to the wording. Unwanted sentences or words can be crossed out, but not erased. This makes thinking while writing very difficult for some.

For those who are unsure whether they can pass the test, there are books available with sample questions and complete sample tests. Some states also offer free GED preparatory classes that will go over all of the basic requirements needed to get a GED.

For those who need more help or whose states do not offer free GED classes, there are always courses available for a fee. These professional testing assistance institutions will provide all of the information necessary to pass the GED exams.

You will need to check with the Department of Education in your state in order to find out when and where GED classes are being held. You usually need to register ahead of time. The test itself may take one very long day or be broken up into two or three days.

Taking the GED is not free. The cost varies from state to state, but this fee must be paid to the test administrator upon arrival and before the test begins. They usually do not accept cash payments at this time. This is important to note because failure to pay for the test means you will have to re-schedule for another time.

However you set out to get your GED, it is important to remember to relax during the test and to study and get enough sleep the night before. The test is never as hard as it is made out to be and the rewards of passing will last a lifetime.

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