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Encryption Security Software - What Is Encryption Security Software, and Why Do You Need It?

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As long as there has been sensitive or secret information, there has been someone who wants to access it without authorization. This has never been more true than it is today. Nearly everyone has stored or transmitted private information using a computer. This makes security a big concern.

One method that has been created to combat this problem is encryption security software. This software keeps your data secure by making it virtually unreadable without the proper key. It is used to protect all forms of data storage and transmission.

With the right encryption security software, you can protect a computer’s hard drive, a portable hard drive, a USB thumb drive, the submission of a web form, and email. While encryption is basically the same regardless of medium, the way the software implements the encryption changes to meet the needs of each.

Encryption is simply a form of cryptography, or code writing. Codes have evolved over hundreds of years, from simple cyphers into today’s encryption and other computer-aided codes. A good example of a cypher is a substitution cypher, which substitutes a letter, word, or phrase for a different letter, word, or phrase. A secret message “attack at dawn” becomes “rmmris rm troc” when the letter “r” is substituted for “a,” “t” becomes “m,” and so forth.

Simple codes can be very easy to crack, so today’s computer -aided codes use extremely complex algorithms to encode and decode messages. This makes them much more secure. However, sharing the key can eliminate the security advantages.

This really isn’t a big problem when it comes to protecting a computer’s hard drive or a portable storage device. The encryption security software, including the key, is installed on the device and protected using a password or other security measure. This means that the software uses what is known as a symmetric key algorithm, or private key. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with data transmission, such as email, because the key must be shared between sender and receiver.

To fix this problem, security specialists have created an asymmetric key algorithm, or public key, encryption. This works by using two different keys, one public and the other private. The public key is shared and allows the receiver of the message to encrypt the message which can only be decrypted using the unpublished private key.

In the case of email, each computer uses a private key to generate a mathematically related public key, for each email sender. The sender uses this public key to generate encrypted messages, which can only be decrypted by the original sender using the private key. An example protocol used for this exact purpose is PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, which adds data compression and a technique called hashing to the public and private keys to further enhance security.

A similar configuration is also used for secure web forms used to transmit all sorts of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and bank information. Without this kind of security, all of this data would be sent in a way that just about anyone could intercept and read the information.

On most web forms, the public key is published as a digital certificate, which also serves to verify the identity of the web site. This is done to help ensure that the site you are at is actually the bank and not someone who wants to steal your money.

There are a large number of commercial encryption security software solutions available to meet just about every encryption need you may have. Since each situation requires a different level of security and method of implementation, you should carefully investigate your options before purchasing any software to ensure that it meets your needs.

Be cautious when using encryption security software, especially when used to protect the entire contents of a computer’s hard drive. If you forget your password, there may be no way to recover the data that is on the drive, so be sure you can remember it.

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