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Laurel Homes For Sale - Laurel Homes for Sale Combine Regional Beauty, Colonial Charm

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Western Maryland showcases some of the country’s prettiest scenery, and Laurel, with rolling hills and a winding river, typifies the state’s beauty. Occupying 3.8 square miles, the city is well situated midway between the nation’s capital and Baltimore, Maryland’s largest city. Perched at the northern tip of three counties, but lying within Prince George’s, its location is enhanced by the Patuxent River. Many Laurel homes for sale reflect the lushness of natural surroundings, with brick or stone exteriors portraying a sense of the area’s colonial past.

Laurel’s 2000 population, 20,000, increased to 21,619 by 2007. Indeed, steady progress has reigned since its much earlier cotton mill days. In the 1800’s, “Laurel Factory” then, was known for rail cars of cotton duck material shipped to Baltimore from its busy mills on the Patuxent banks. A true company town, besides jobs, there were company owned homes, shops, even a school. By 1870, the city was incorporated, adopting the simpler Laurel name five years later. While the factories still operated, industry played a less prominent role by the century’s close. Subsequently, Laurel evolved into an early suburban town, much of the population commuting by well-established rail to jobs in Washington or Baltimore. In Laurel, homes for sale became associated with the commute’s convenience.

The incorporated portion of Laurel is within Prince George’s County. However, the larger area locally known as Laurel spreads into neighboring Anne Arundel and Howard Counties. Though served by the Laurel post office, many unincorporated areas, such as Montpelier, contribute to the 87,810 inhabitants of the greater Laurel region. Laurel homes for sale, some outside city limits, are nonetheless influenced by the city’s personality.

Recent history has recognized Laurel for Laurel Park Racecourse, opened 1911, for thoroughbred horses, and its proximity to Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab, Fort Meade Army Base, and the National Security Agency. Moreover, beyond British influenced colonial history, an even older history exists. For, leaving fossils now preserved in a 7.5 acre park, massive dinosaurs once roamed Laurel, earning it the reputation of most prolific fossil site in the United States. The overall area, rich in natural and American history, conveniently located for jobs, and greenly picturesque, offers many reasons why Laurel homes for sale today are a good real estate venture.

Easy to access, Laurel is crossed north to south by US Route 1, the major artery linking Florida with Maine. To the west, it is bordered by Interstate Route 95, and eastward, by the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Crossing these is Maryland State Route 198, intersecting with US 1 in the heart of Laurel. While auto travel is relatively simple, perusing Laurel homes for sale via internet is the easiest first step! Nonetheless, Laurel has two train stations servicing Washington and Baltimore, a nearby local airport favored by business travelers, and two major airports, Baltimore-Washington International and Ronald Reagan Washington-National, both within 25 miles.

The real estate market in the Laurel area currently features about 700 homes for sale, with 250 foreclosures, and few new-construction issues. The median price, down 3% from July, is $242,500, with the foreclosure median a bit higher, at $246,000. New Laurel homes for sale have a higher median price, $364,900.

If looking to purchase, property taxes are not low. A budget ranging from $100,00 to the low $200,000’s would be best served with a townhouse. A 3-bedroom, 3-bath with 1284 square feet sells just upwards of $200,000, whereas a smaller 2-bedroom, 2-bath, with only 858 square feet would cost $150,000. Two-stories, with park like settings, make these good “starters.”

For individual residences, if one has time, short sales or foreclosures afford the best savings, although older homes also offer bargains. Two story colonials, with hard wood floors, brick or stone fronts, wooden staircases, and traditional layouts permeate the inventory. Some examples: $515,000 will buy a beautiful 6-bedroom, 3-bath, brick colonial model with amenities galore, near all major transportation routes. However, a much older, 42-year-old home, beautifully maintained and comparably spacious, with 3304 square feet and 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, is only $238,900.

Maybe better yet, a nearly new and similarly sized foreclosure on half a wooded acre, with stone front and unlimited amenities, lists at $375,000. Overall, it strongly appears that, when considering Laurel homes for sale, there is no shortage of colonial charm amidst the area’s natural beauty, as portrayed in grassy lawns and tree dotted back yards.

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