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Uk Web Hosts - UK Web Hosts for your Internet Business

reseller uk web hosts:

Running a business in the modern world more or less requires putting up a website in this day and age. But what kind of hosting is right for you, and who should you buy your hosting from? There are a number of options available. Shopping around can be a little complicated, so we’ve compiled together a comparison of some of the UK web hosts available. There are a couple different kinds of web site hosting in the UK, so we’ll look at each of the categories individually.

E-commerce Web Hosts in the UK:

These are hosting options that specialize in building online stores, providing you with tools that you can offer to your customers like “shopping carts” and Merchant accounts. Three of the best options in this category are CWCS Managed Hosting, UK2.net, and Rackspace Managed Hosting.

CWCS Managed Hosting offers you two months of free hosting, flexible plans, and always available customer service.

UK2.net starts off at only 10.95 pounds a month, with space for ten web sites, ten gigabytes of space and 500 BG bandwidth, and an unlimited number of store items and categories.

Rackspace Managed Hosting offers an incredible e-commerce hosting option with twenty four hour support. They are recommended by ninety seven percent of their customers.

UK Web Site Hosting with Dedicated Servers:

These hosting companies offer you the option of having an entire web server dedicated just to your company, meaning that you do not have to share bandwidth or server space with any other companies or webmasters. All of the E-commerce web hosting companies listed above also have the option of getting access to a dedicated server.

Another good option is ByteHouse, with its award winning dedicated server hosting. There are discounts available for people who purchase two or three year plans. For 89 pounds per month, you get access to dual Core BGP routed servers.

If you go through UK2.net, you can pay sixty nine pounds a month for a twenty four GB server with a minim ten TB bandwidth. They won the ISPA award in 2009 for best dedicated hosting.

Heart Internet offers dedicated servers for eighty pounds per month, featuring instant set up. The hosting can be run off of Ubuntu, CentOS or Windows. The processors are Intel Dual and Quad Core, and all server information is automatically backed up in case of file damage.

Reseller UK Web Hosts:

Reseller web hosting providers are companies that sell web hosting to you, but do not actually own the servers themselves. They do so in order to focus their attention on customer service, which primary hosting companies often do not have the man power to provide. The best reseller web hosting companies have already been mentioned in the previous two sections. They are CWCS Managed Hosting, Heart Internet, Rackspace Managed Hosting, and ByteHouse.

Managed UK Web Site Hosting Providers:

Managed Web Hosting Providers are companies that not only provide hosting for your website, but help you to manage it as well. The find, set up, install, and perform maintenance on the hardware, firewalls, operating systems, and databases necessary to host a web site. In other words, they do a great deal of the work for you. ByteHouse, CWCS Managed Hosting, and Rackspace Managed Hosting have already been mentioned. Some of the other options are Hostway with over three hundred thousand customers, DediPower with excellent customer support, iomart with a 100 percent up time guarantee, and VI.net with advanced server monitoring.

FrontPage Web Site Hosting in the UK:

FrontPage is a tool created by Microsoft that makes it much easier to set up a website without needing to know a great deal about how to program computers. Using toolbars and menus similar to those in the Microsoft Office programs such as Word, FrontPage makes it much easier to design a website with aesthetics in mind. It was built for people who don’t know a great deal about web design. Hosting companies that are compatible with FrontPage include Rackspace Managed Hosting and JustHost. Rackspace Managed Hosting has been discussed above. JustHost is a smaller company offering hosting for as little as 2.95 pounds per month. They offer you a domain name for the rest of your life, an unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth, you can host as many domains as you want, and you have a money back guarantee.

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