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Baby Dress Shoes - Why Baby Dress Shoes Are So Important

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Baby dress shoes are important because it could be the babies first shoes since the day they were born. Babies grow up fast, and their feet are continuously growing at a fast pace. A baby will go through shoes faster than any other clothing in their wardrobe. Baby dress shoes are keepsakes that a parent will keep for the rest of the child’s life. Most parents will bronze their child’s first shoes, so that they can have them there to always remind them of what their children were like when they were infants. It is also important to buy the right type of dress shoes for a baby because they could grow out of them within a few weeks time. Buying a pair of shoes that are a little bit larger than their actual shoe size will give the infant more time to wear the shoes before they are given to other family members, or the salvation army when the shoes are no longer usable.

There are many types of shoes that an infant can wear. There are sandals, tennis shoes, patent leather shoes, and hush puppies. Each shoe will have a different fit for each child. Young infants are unable to tell a parent when a shoe does not fit right. The best way to tell is by watching the infant as they are walking. If the infant is limping, or struggling to walk in their shoes, then a parent knows that the shoes are uncomfortable for the child. Finding the right shoe fit for a baby is important because the shoes can harm the infant if they are too tight. Blisters could form on the child’s feet from shoes that are too stiff. Most parents will look at the type of shoe, and then ask themselves if that is a shoe type that they would wear.

Many parents will buy the same type of shoes that they would normally wear themselves. If a mother has never liked sandals, they may never buy sandals for their child either. People want to be comfortable in their shoes. Buying shoes that are too stiff and hard for an adult, will create discomfort for most feet, so buying an uncomfortable shoe for an infant, will be just as uncomfortable for them. Baby dress shoes are also cute to look at. Most infant shoes look like a pair of dolls shoes. They can bring up memories for the parents from when they were children, and played with their dolls. Just as young children like to play dress up with their dolls, mothers also like to play dress up with their children, so shopping for baby clothes can be an exciting thing for them.

After buying a pair of shoes for an infant, the infants shoe size can grow up to fifty percent within three months. Most parents will spend a lot of their income on buying shoes, and baby clothes throughout the first few years of a child’s life. A parent could go through fifty pairs of shoes before a child turns five. So buying the right type of shoes that will last longer than a few months, would help a parent to budget their money better. The price of shoes have gone up exponentially over the past few years. A pair of baby dress shoes can cost up to fifteen dollars in some stores. Most parents will buy the cheapest shoes they can find, knowing that the infant will be growing out of them within a few short months. A parent could end up spending over five hundred dollars on shoes in the first year of a child’s life.

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