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Silver Cross Strollers - Stepping Out in Style With a Silver Cross Pram

the heritage collection

The Silver Cross pram has long been an iconic symbol of class, style and culture. The classic baby carriage with the austere wheels and sleek lines has come to be the universal symbol of a privileged class of baby. This baby won’t be relegated to the run of the mill stroller. No, the baby that is nestled in the folds of the Silver Cross pram enjoys a luxurious ride in comfort and style. This stroller was originally designed as the baby transportation choice of royalty, and has enjoyed this designation over the years. Long revered as the Rolls Royce of carriages, the Silver Cross stroller is the ultimate definition of luxury.

History of the Silver Cross Baby Carriage

Invented in 1877 by William Wilson, the Silver Cross stroller originated in Leeds where Wilson designed postal carts and strollers called “perambulators” on Silver Cross Street. The design trend quickly caught on as a popular way to transport infants, and its sturdy construction, folding design and unique suspension system was a hit amongst new parents in the region. In 1897, Wilson opened his own factory called Silver Cross Works, which was dedicated to the manufacturing of the Silver Cross stroller.

Between 1877 and 1913, when Wilson died, he had obtained over 30 patents for prams. After his death, the company was passed along to his three sons who carried on the Silver Cross tradition. In the 1920’s, the Silver Cross pram was designated the stroller of royalty when one was designed specifically for George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. The company continued to grow throughout the years and eventually moved into larger and larger production facilities.

By the 1960’s, Silver Cross had expanded their line to include baby furniture including high chairs and cribs. Silver Cross had also expanded their line with new prams, including introducing them in new vibrant colors to meet the growing demands of new parents. From the 1980’s and to the present, Silver Cross has been expanding its line to become more inclusive and meet the needs of parents for whom the classic pram may have been cost prohibitive. New lightweight strollers have recently been introduced that fold easily and are less expensive than the traditional Silver Cross stroller.

Silver Cross strollers come in a number of traditional styles that are the mainstay of the company.

The Heritage Collection

· Balmoral Pram
This pram is the traditional Silver Cross pram. A staple of the British Royal family for generations, this pram is hand built and combines masterful engineering with sleek looks and style. It features hand-spoked wheels and a leather chassis for a smooth ride. This stroller’s excellent suspension allows it to glide freely for the ultimate in baby comfort. It comes in Onyx Black, Midnight Navy and Snowdrop White. The Balmoral Pram retails for $2,995.

· Kensington Pram
The Kensington Pram is built not only for style and luxury but also for convenience. Build for easy folding, this pram is best for the family on the go who is looking for luxury and durability. It has a fully folding chassis, accented by sweeping curves. It is hand painted and features the classic Silver Cross styling and design. It comes in Snowdrop White, Midnight Navy or Onyx Black and features a grey pinstripe lining. The Kensington pram retails for $1,995.

· The Baby Balmoral
A miniature version of the classic Balmoral pram, this stroller is specifically designed for the little girl whose doll deserves only the best. It features a scaled-down version of the original classic, with sleek styling and hand painted details. The baby Balmoral comes in standard black, navy and white. The Baby Balmoral retails for $699.99

If you’re interested in transporting your baby in a trusted name in luxury and quality, then the Silver Cross stroller is an excellent choice. Hand designed with only the finest materials, the Silver Cross name is synonymous with esteem, wealth and tradition. Purchase a miniature version of the classic for your little girls’ doll’s strolling pleasure. Whether you’re looking to purchase a Silver Cross classic pram or the company’s trendy new folding stroller, buying a Silver Cross stroller makes a statement and is an investment in classic style.

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