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Wireless Antenna Booster - How to Make a Wireless Antenna Booster Out of Stuff You Can Find Lying Around

usb connection router coil

Here are three simple, great ways to make a wireless antenna booster for your Wi-Fi Internet connection out of things you probably have around your house.
Let’s assume you are a normal guy with an Internet connection. Like me, you’re not a genius and you’re not a nerd. You don’t mind getting online every once in a while for business or entertainment purposes, and you know when your wireless connection is working, but you have no idea how it works. You aren’t thrilled about how weak your Internet connection is sometimes, but you’ve learned to live with it.
Well, live with it no more! The solution has been found, and I’ve laid it out easily and succinctly for you in the below craft ideas. So grab a pair of scissors and let’s get started.

Wireless Antenna Booster Idea Number One
This wireless antenna booster is for those of you who have a USB wireless adapter. You will need one CD. That’s it. Oh, and you should probably start by unplugging your USB wireless adapter in order for this wireless antenna booster to work.
It’s as simple as this. Take the USB wireless adapter and insert the USB part through the hole in the middle of the CD. Push it through as much as it will fit—probably a little less than an inch. Hold the two pieces together as you insert your USB wireless adapter into its USB port. Make sure it’s solidly in there, holding the CD snugly against the body of your computer. There, you’re done!
The CD acts as a wireless booster antenna and can increase your signal significantly with just its presence.

Wireless Antenna Booster Idea Number Two
This wireless antenna booster works best with a Wi-Fi router, preferably one that comes with one or multiple antennae sticking out of it. You’ll need a soda can, some scissors, and some duct tape.
Puncture the side of the soda can with the scissors close to the top. Use this hole to cut around the perimeter of the can, severing the top or mouth of the can from the rest of the body. This will be your wireless antenna booster. You may want to wash out the interior of the soda can and dry it with a paper towel.
Next, cut a small square in the side of the can, close to the bottom. This square will be used to fix your wireless antenna booster can to your Wi-Fi router so make sure it is big enough for the antenna on your router to fit into. Also make sure to put duct tape around all the sharp edges of the can that you have exposed with the scissors to make sure no one is accidentally hurt. Hopefully your wireless antenna booster will last a long time and we don’t want to mar it with any accidents.
Slip the antenna on your Wi-Fi router through the square hole in your wireless antenna booster can and adjust it till it catches and boosts the signal just right.

Wireless Antenna Booster Idea Number Three
This wireless antenna booster is the most difficult to make, involving not only wire stripping but soldering. It may, however, be the most rewarding, work the best, and look the coolest out of all the ideas we have suggested to make your wireless antenna booster.
Start with some small gauge, solid copper wire. Measure out two and three quarter inches of wire and bend it to mark the spot. Next, get a small wood screw and, starting at the bend you just made, wrap the copper wire around the grooves of the screw seven times to make a small coil. Unscrew the wood screw from the wire coil to remove it. Clip the wire under your coil after another length of three quarters of an inch, and strip a small length of insulation off that end in order to attach it to your antenna.
Cut off your old antenna, leaving only a small length of wire stripped of insulation. Solder the stripped end of your wireless antenna booster coil to the stripped end of your original antenna, and slip a wide drinking straw over your invention as a sort of holding case. You may even color the straw black to make your wireless antenna booster look more professional.

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