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North Myrtle Beach Rental - The #1 North Myrtle Beach Rental

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Myrtle Beach might be known as one of the premier vacation beach towns in the United States, but the smart travelers know that North Myrtle Beach is where you want to stay. North Myrtle Beach is much quieter and relaxing, which makes it a better option for couples and families. If you’re a young adult looking for parties, bars, nightclubs, and plenty of noise, then Myrtle Beach is the best spot for you. The party never ends in Myrtle Beach. During the day, you will find enormous crowds on the beaches, and groups of people drinking beers from plastic cups while sitting on beach chairs in front of their hotels. At night, it would be nearly impossible not to find, or at least hear, a party from a block away. North Myrtle Beach is nothing like this. During the day, you will find small crowds on the beaches and oceanfront pools next to the hotels and rental condos. At night, you will be able to take advantage of one of the many oceanfront dining restaurants for a quality meal and a bottle of wine. If you have kids, it will be easy to find a kiddy pool, water park, or game room. Of course, the beach is always popular with the kids as well. Sand castle building, shell collecting, wave jumping, boogey boarding, Frisbee, volleyball, and swimming are all great activities to help keep them busy. Many families end up spending the majority of their day on the beach or at the pool.

What is the ideal North Myrtle Beach rental? While there are many companies to choose from, the most popular rental company in North Myrtle Beach is Southern Coast Vacations. If you would like to visit their website upon completion of this article, it’s southerncoastvacations.com. They are the top North Myrtle Beach rental company. And if you’re going to use the top company, why not rent the top location? This would be at Baywatch Resort, 1-1905, 2701 South Ocean Boulevard. The Baywatch Resort might sound interesting as is, but why not go for the penthouse? This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite that sleeps up to 10 people. It’s perfect for families and reunions. It’s listed as being able to sleep up to 10, but this would not be comfortable. The kitchen table can barely sit 6 and sleeping arrangements would be challenging. However, if you have a party of 4-7, it’s perfect.

One of the reasons this is the best North Myrtle Beach rental is because of the gorgeous views. Being in the penthouse makes a big difference in this regard. The oceanfront balcony is large, with two entrances back into the suite, and enough room for a table and chairs. The view is completely unobstructed, which allows you to see much more. Since sound carries up, you will also be able to hear and enjoy the crashing waves into the sand at night, as well as the gentle breeze of the palm trees. When you’re inside the penthouse suite, you can cook a meal in the fully equipped kitchen.

As far as resort amenities go, if you like water, you will be pleased. It’s likely that you have seen a lazy river before. It’s possible you have even enjoyed an indoor lazy river at some point in the past. But what about a lazy river that goes indoors and outdoors? This is one of the many neat amenities at the Baywatch Resort. Smaller children can enjoy the kiddy pool. Adults can relax in one of the hot tubs. And families can frolic in the outdoor pool. If the beach is more your style, it’s only a few steps away. When everyone is dry, the kids can visit the game room and the adults can head to the fitness center.

Restaurant options include the Blue Room Café and the Sand Trap Bar and Grill. The former is for seafood lovers and the latter is a great place for a light snack at happy hour. If you want music and dancing, go to Fishtail’s Beach Bar – also on the property.

How much does it cost to stay at the #1 North Myrtle Beach rental? During peak season, $2,080 per week. In the fall, $1,180 per week. In the winter, $655 per week. If you’re interested in making reservations, call 1-800-978-4988.

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