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Xerox Laser Toner Cartridge - There Is Nothing Comparable To A Xerox Laser Toner Cartridge

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The Xerox Company has long been known for providing quality printer products. Founded in New York in 1906, they were primarily known for the manufacture of photographic equipment and paper. It was originally known as the Haloid Photographic Company, then later as Haloid Xerox, and finally the name was permanently changed to just Xerox in 1961. The big breakthrough came with the introduction of the first plain paper copier in 1959. This invention vaulted the firm into the public eye, and it has remained at the forefront of the printing industry ever since.

A Xerox laser toner cartridge is well regarded for quality printouts and long life. They differ from a normal printer ink supply unit in a number of significant ways. While an ink jet or desk jet model uses a liquid well system, the laser printer has a large capacity plastic reservoir that holds a powdery substance known as “toner”. They both use heat to transfer the various materials to the paper however, with a personal printer employing a small wire to heat up the ink, and shoot it through microscopic pinholes in a special electronic grid on the unit. A laser printer is a whole different story altogether.

Laser printers (and copiers) employ a complicated mechanism using the powers of attraction to provide a sharper output page than their smaller brethren. A circulating drum is charged and it uses this potential to mobilize the particles in the toner drum to form a negative image on the paper. It is quickly fused by a proprietary process to the paper before landing in the output tray. Xerox was the first company to produce a machine of this type, creating the first plain paper model to appeal to the masses. They have continued this tradition of innovation; with the engineering know-how to downsize the earliest models for desktop use. This has made them affordable to more than just large corporations, effectively growing the customer base by several times over.

A Xerox laser printer cartridge is now available for a wide variety of machines. Since technology has advanced so rapidly in the area recently, many firms are now able to afford color copies. In the past this would have been looked upon as extravagant. There is no longer the need to simply purchase only black toner, as some of the nuances in color pictures can’t be picked up by one shade. As the company continues to find new techniques to refine printing machines, there is the constant need to make sure the old models are also supported. Of course, at some point they become obsolete, making the purchase of finding a cartridge also unnecessary.

As with any other industry, when advances are made in a specific niche, other opportunities are created in order to provide support and job growth as well. This is the case with laser printers. There are a wide variety of third party manufacturers that make a compatible cartridge unit for Xerox machines. It is not always the best choice however, to replace an empty one with this kind of part. Reports of malfunctions and limited use have plagued these particular models. Fortunately, this is not the only option available for purchase.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridge is the most expensive and without question, the most reliable. They are made with exacting standards, with close attention to detail. A customer knows that with the purchase comes a satisfaction guarantee. Since quality standards are so closely followed in this company, this extends to the replacement parts as well.

The last choice is a remanufactured unit. An empty module is turned in to the company to be cleaned and refilled. Everything is inspected and restored to “new” quality standards. Customers can mail these back to the company, or turn them in for credit at computer supply shops. Another option includes donation to elementary schools. In turn they turn the units in and receive money from the manufacturer to purchase playground equipment.

A Xerox laser printer cartridge remains the industry standard for units in this niche. It has a long history of excellence since the company is over 100 years old. Consumers have supported this brand for a long time due to their consistent customer service and excellent track record.

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