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Okidata Toner Cartridges - See Why More Companies Rely On Okidata Toner Cartridges Than Anything Else

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Okidata toner cartridges are among the most popular brands on the market today. They have a long history of quality, with roots dating all the way back to 1881. The original founder of the company: Kibataro Oki, was one of the first to tinker with the notion of printing techniques designed for language- specific character output. His company first rose to prominence in the 1950s for this very reason, being the first printer capable of producing 2500 Japanese characters. This paved the way for the current technologies used for this type of process even today. Currently, Okidata is the industry leader for LED technology. This method uses less moving parts than a typical laser printer, resulting in fewer breakdowns and less maintenance. Since there is no need for constant alignment, the images produced are sharper, as a bank of LED lights fuse the toner directly to the paper.

Okidata laser cartridges are specifically designed to be used with their proprietary printers of course. It doesn’t matter whether the output is designed to be color or monochromatic, the toner is bonded to the paper with only one pass. This has helped to raise productivity of an entire company, since there is less time needed to perform these types of repetitive activities. Another great feature that this firm has implemented is the independent nature of each color toner supply. The cartridges are set up so that each can be taken out of the machine and replaced as necessary. They all don’t have to be swapped out at once, saving companies a significant amount of money in the process.

The latest innovation this firm is Microfine High Definition laser toners. They were developed to produce the best possible full color, and black and white document pages. Another benefit is the much smaller size compared to past versions of this unit. The reduction in dimensional area did not result in a diminished output quality. In fact, a higher definition in color and text was found to be the case, due to the better functional relationship with the LED fusing apparatus. This is because more dots are now found in a smaller area on the page, producing a more vivid image without bleed through to the back. These toners also use fewer particles, which lowers the actual cost of printing each page. It is just another example of why Okidata remains on the cutting edge of advances in the printer industry.

For most companies, having a laser printer today is a necessity. Gone are the days of blurry printouts, and having to decipher smudged documents. If such a thing is sent out for a business proposal today, the entire package would most likely be rejected on the spot. The quality and reliability of a network machine is essential for an entire workgroup. Although every piece of equipment in a network set up does require periodic maintenance, there is something to be said for having fewer moving parts. It effectively reduces the bottom line when everything is running smoothly. Using an Okidata laser cartrdige with one of their printers is one of the very best ways for finding a perfect solution for any type of output. With constant innovations and improvements, they are a world class supplier of equipment and service. This is a huge load off of the information technology administrator, who is in charge of keeping a network running smoothly.
There are a vast number of machines capable of handling any size printing requirements. With color output at an amazing 26 pages per minute, and black and white at 32 pages per minute, these printers can provide the necessary production for any network. By placing them at proper intervals, there is no need to have backlogs of jobs stacked up anywhere.

Okidata toner cartridges are some of the most efficient units available on the market. With their reduced size and greater resolution output, they are an economical choice for an enterprise trying to reduce costs while not reducing quality. There is an affordable machine for most workgroups, with an impressive duty cycle of 60,000 pages per month on average. Since these printers are among the best in the world, more companies are relying on Okidata than ever before to handle all of their document needs.

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