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Buy Ink Cartridge - How to Buy Ink Cartridge Replacements

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When you need to buy ink cartridge replacements, you have several options to choose from. Each printer manufacturer produces ink cartridges to fit in their printers. There are also generic ink cartridges that fit into many different kinds of printers. Most office supply stores also carry kits that will let you refill the ink cartridge that you are already using. Each option has pros and cons, but they will all work.

Examine the Type of Ink Cartridges your Printer Needs

The first step before you buy ink cartridge replacements is to see what type of cartridge you need. Not all ink cartridges are exactly alike. Some printers use one cartridge for the black ink and one cartridge for the colored ink. Other printers use separate cartridges for each of the four colors that are used to create full color prints. If you have run out of one color and the cartridges are separate, you can simply replace the color you need. When the color cartridge combines all of the colors in one cartridge, however, you have to replace the entire cartridge to replace the single color you have run out of.

Manufacturer Ink Cartridges

If you want to buy ink cartridge replacements that you can feel completely confident will work with your printer, you should buy ink cartridges that are sold by the manufacturer. The old ink cartridge that you removed from the printer will have an item number on it. That number is what you can use to identify the replacement ink cartridge when you are shopping. If you plan to use a manufacturer ink cartridge replacement, be sure you buy the exact same item number that is on the old ink cartridge.

Generic Ink Cartridge Replacements

When you want to save a little money and need to buy ink cartridge replacements, generic ink cartridges may be the right choice. Most generic ink cartridges list the type of printer that they will fit in on the side or back of the packaging. Make sure your printer model is represented exactly in the list so that the ink cartridge will work properly. Usually generic ink cartridges cost much less than the manufacturer cartridges and they perform just as well. It is very rare to find an ink cartridge that says it will fit a specific printer that does not live up to expectations.

Refillable Ink Cartridges

A more recent trend in replacement ink cartridges is refillable cartridges. The equipment you need to use to refill your ink cartridge can be found in a refillable ink cartridge kit. You can purchase refillable cartridge kits at most office supply stores. With the kit, all you have to do is draw some replacement ink from an ink dispenser and place the ink into the cartridge that ran dry. Most brands of ink cartridges are easy to refill if you have the right equipment. Refilling your ink will save you a great deal of money because you will not have to buy ink cartridge replacements ever again.

Recycle Used Ink Cartridges

Research has shown that discarded ink cartridges are filling up landfills quickly. The used ink cartridges are made from petroleum products, which are not good for the environment as they decompose. When you buy ink cartridge replacements, find out if the store where you shop offers ink cartridge recycling. Most office supply stores will provide you with a place to drop off used ink cartridges so that they can be recycled into new cartridges. The recycling process uses approximately 90% of the material from the old cartridge to make a new one.

Buy Ink Cartridge Replacements Online or at an Office Supply Store

If you want to buy ink cartridge replacements but you do not have the time to go to an office supply store, you can find the same ink cartridges online at the office supply store’s website. Shopping for ink cartridges online can be easier and more productive than shopping at the store because all of the inventory is available through the online site all of the time. Quick search engines allow you to find the cartridge model that you need quickly and easily. Next day delivery is generally available from most stores.

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