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Fax Ink Cartridges - A guide to cheap fax ink cartridges

how do companies make them?

Just like printers, fax machines also require ink to operate, which they obtain from fax ink cartridges. And just like ink cartridges from printers, fax ink cartridges do not last forever, and eventually need to be replaced. A good option for obtaining cheap fax ink cartridges is to look into remanufactured fax ink cartridges. This article will provide a guide to understanding and obtaining these cheap fax ink cartridges.

What exactly are remanufactured fax ink cartridges?

The cost of a branded fax ink cartridge from an ink manufacturer can easily run into the thirty to fifty dollar range. Even worse, once you finish using a cartridge, you typically dispose of it. However, you can also send it to a company to have it refilled. Numerous companies will purchase empty fax ink cartridges from offices all over the country and refill them themselves. Then they can resell them to companies and consumers looking for quality ink cartridges without the brand name pricing that comes with brand name fax ink cartridges.

How do companies make them?

Companies that deal with recycled cartridges make remanufactured cartridges by cleaning out empty cartridges and refilling them with the necessary kind of ink to enable them to be used again in fax machines. Each ink cartridge is carefully cleaned, refilled, and tested to ensure it will deliver an equal or greater quality than the cartridge did when it was originally filled by its original manufacturer. Once approved, ink cartridges are sealed and packaged so they can be resold.

How do remanufactured fax ink cartridges save you money?

It can cost a lot of money to keep buying new fax ink cartridges from original manufacturers, and it can be a messy and time consuming affair to attempt to refill cartridges yourself. Investing in remanufactured cartridges saves time and money.

What effects do they have on the environment?

The normal route of fax ink cartridges is from the manufacturer to the consumer to the fax machine to the landfill. When they are empty, they are typically disposed of. Since most fax ink cartridges are made up of plastic, they do damage to the environment due to the difficulty of degrading plastic. This is compounded by the large volumes of ink cartridges used in offices all over the country. As a result, a considerable amount of pollution results from the disposal of manufacturer purchased fax ink cartridges. However, when you choose to sell your empty cartridges to remanufacturers and purchase remanufactured cartridges, you not only save money, you help save the environment from needless waste and air pollution.

Where can you purchase remanufactured fax ink cartridges?

You can purchase these ink cartridges in a variety of shops and stores online. A few examples of online retailers for remanufactured fax ink cartridges include Inkjets Outlet, Wholesale Toners, Toner Monkey, and Tonerific. All you have to do is visit the sites, locate the fax cartridge that is compatible with your fax machine, and price shop to determine which company is best for you. You can also find discounts when you shop online, which can further reduce the price of buying ink for your fax machine.

Are these ink cartridges safe for your fax machine?

It is almost always safe to buy remanufactured fax ink cartridges from a reputable dealer. You can rest assured that the fax cartridge will be filled with ink of the same or greater quality than that which was supplied by the original manufacturer. In face, your remanufactured ink cartridge will appear in the same package that was originally used by the manufacturer. This is likely to be the most cost effective choice for you or your small business if you are a frequent user of fax machines and do not want to spend any more money than you already have to. It is not difficult to find companies that sell remanufactured fax ink cartridges; it simply becomes a question of which company to choose, as there are several with online stores. Additional bonuses of using them, as referenced above, include the positive effects recycled cartridges have on the environment. They are not only a good deal, they are less wasteful and take less toll on the earth.

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