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Ink Cartridge Replacement - What Is The Best Value: New Or Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement Units?

printer proper color option

Whether in business or private use, the issue of ink cartridge replacement is something that everybody has to deal with sooner or later. Since almost all printers use either a laser toner or ink jet cartridge, the actual process is somewhat uncomplicated, and can be accomplished most readily by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Although there are dozens of different printers available, they all have a specific replacement that is assigned to them. This will typically bear the company name along with a number. That one or two digital code is to indicate all of the models that it will work with.

There are Ink cartridge replacement units created especially for the manufacturer which cost a little more, or there are universal parts which are produced by a third party that are compatible to the printer unit. While the former case is more expensive, it is also guaranteed to work, and will probably last longer than the latter. In terms of being cost effective, paying a few more dollars up front for the recommended model is probably well worth the price.

Another option to find a replacement for that worn out cartridge is remanufactured parts. These use the original housing that is often turned in for credit. Once they are steam cleaned, new electronic pads are installed, and they are filled with the proper amount and color of ink. They are then sold as remanufactured items. Most of the larger discount chains have many of these printer necessities in stock. They are clearly marked in this way, and are a slight bit cheaper than the brand new ones. Since the quality standards are higher with this type of unit, it is a great alternative to purchasing the more costly ones.

Replacement cartridges are the most expensive part of printer maintenance. They often cost as much as 50 – 60% of the price of a new printer, depending upon the model . Many consumers elect to buy a brand new machine with black and color modules, for a few dollars more than the cost of a new cartridge. This is one of the issues that buyers have been struggling with for years. Is it worth the money to buy a replacement part when an entirely new printer can be had for less than half again the cost? Although prices have come down significantly on new printing machines, the ink side has not fallen as significantly. Therefore, getting the latest technology in addition to one or two new cartridges is an option that more people are choosing to take.

The inkjet cartridge is one device that most people don’t understand. Using a small pad, a chip and heated wire, small dots of ink are sprayed onto the paper through microscopic holes in the pad. These can dry up over time through poor manufacturing techniques, or periods of inactivity. This prompts the need to find a replacement unit in order to create a hard copy of any document. This technology sounds simple, but without standards and proper quality control standards, many of the third party suppliers provide pieces that are substandard. This gives manufacturers of printers a bad name, even though they have no control over these firms.

Another avenue to explore is that of do it yourself refill kits. The original ink cartridge is used, with the proper color ink gently poured into the interior well of the unit. When done properly, it can provide the output for another batch of documents, saving the cost of a new or remanufactured unit. These don’t always work correctly though, and unless they can be obtained very cheaply, it isn’t worth the hassle.

The final option for users is to take the cartridge to an ink refill shop. These are stores specifically set up to perform this kind of service. They can do the job in less than 30 minutes depending on the number of customers waiting. Some of the major drug outlets also perform this kind of service. One such example is Walgreens, which advertise a refill for $9.99 at last check.

There are a variety of ink cartridge replacement options available. It is up to the consumer to decide on the best value for the money.

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