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Recycle Ink Cartridge - Recycle Ink Cartridges and Get Paid

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Many people recycle their household waste and the waste that they create at work. Programs are in place that benefit organizations that recycle ink cartridges and are paid for each cartridge that they send in. There are estimates that over 1 billion inkjet cartridges are used annually and most are just tossed in the trash. However, by recycling them, people can help the environment, keeping those plastics and metals out of landfills and putting the old cartridges to good use.

It is easy to recycle ink jet cartridges. People can find websites and organizations in their communities where they can bring the cartridges. Some retail stores have containers where people can deposit the spent cartridges, which makes it convenient for consumers to bring their old cartridges for recycling when they buy new ones. When the ink cartridges reach the organization that buys them, the group will send payment either through a check or electronic payment.

An individual could also earn money by collecting cartridges from individuals or companies who want to recycle ink cartridges. The used cartridges are eventually refreshed, refilled and sold to retailers. Cartridges that have been recycled cannot be refilled, but a responsible company will make sure that the containers are properly disposed.

Schools, churches, and charitable organizations can also recycle ink cartridges to raise money. Any group with a large or long reach can get into the act by informing their audience about the recycling program the group is putting in place to protect the environment and raise money. It is one of the easier ways to raise money since the organizations are not asking their members for cash donations directly, just for something they may already use and throw away when it is used up.

Not only are ink jet cartridges recyclable, laser toner cartridges can be used more than once and may fetch even more money for an organization, although fewer laser cartridges are in use than inkjet cartridges. A group who wants to break into recycling the toner cartridges would target commercial businesses or large organizations that use more laser printers or copiers than the public does.

The cycle of buying new ink cartridges and recycling the used ones benefits more than just the environment, as well. Consumers who need to replace their cartridges benefit from buying the recycled cartridges at a lower price than the new cartridges. While some inkjet printer manufacturers say that using recycled cartridges can damage print heads, the companies that remanufacture the recycled ink cartridges state otherwise and have developed standards for ink quality that is equal to the original cartridge.

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