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Samsung Ink Cartridge - How to refill your Samsung ink cartridge

kit refilling printer hole

In these tough economic times, people are looking for all sorts of ways to make their hard earned money go farther. Ink cartridges are an area where people have begun to look into money saving tactics, as a brand new Samsung ink cartridge, for example, may cost between twenty and forty dollars, depending on the specifications of the printer and the cartridges sold by the manufacturer. However, you do not have to spend forty dollars whenever your Samsung ink cartridge runs out of ink. An option more and more people have discovered involves refilling the ink cartridge by yourself at home. A refilled Samsung ink cartridge can allow you to get back to printing while saving you considerable amounts of money. This guide will discuss some points to keep in mind when next you decide that it is time to look into refilling ink cartridges because you have had enough of emptying your wallet to keep your printer in working condition.

Fortunately, it is not very complicated to refill a Samsung ink cartridge. The first thing you will need to do is buy a kit to refill the ink. These kits are typically available from any store online that specializes in selling ink cartridges. Examples of online warehouses and distributors where you can purchase printer ink refills include the Printer Filling Station, Mister Ink Jet, Ink Kit, and Ink Products. Along with the kit containing the refill ink, you will also receive the tools necessary to complete the task, such as a syringe for drawing out and refilling the ink. You will also receive a set of instructions that walk you step by step through the procedure of cleaning and filling your currently empty Samsung ink cartridge.

Once you have the refill kit in hand, the first step is to obtain the syringe included in the refill kit. With this syringe, draw out the ink of the appropriate color from the kit. It is best to perform this step over a sink or bathtub. This way, you will not ruin any clothing or documents if you have an accidental spill. Speaking of clothing, it is best to wear clothing that you can afford to get messy, as if it is your first time refilling an ink cartridge, it is likely that you will spill at least a little bit of it on yourself. The amount of ink that will be contained inside the cartridge itself will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even from cartridge to cartridge. As you are refilling a Samsung ink cartridge, you should consult the instructions in the refill kit (which should be designed to refill a Samsung ink cartridge) to find out exactly how much ink you should inject into the empty cartridge.

Finally, you will need to make a small hole on top of the Samsung ink cartridge. If you have one handy, you can use a ball point pen to do this. Otherwise, something like the tip of a scissors or a needle or a pencil or even the sharp end of a set of keys may be able to work. If your ink cartridge contains multiple color chambers, you will need to make one hole for each chamber. Ideally, you will want to make the hole close to the label at the top of the cartridge. From here, you can push the syringe into the hole and slowly inject the ink. It is important to inject the ink slowly because if you try to do it quickly, the ink mixture may begin to foam, which can lead to bubbles inside the cartridge. If the bubbles remain when the ink cartridge is reinserted into the printer, you may have difficulty printing.

If you do get foaming or bubbles despite your best efforts and have difficulty printing once you reinstall your Samsung ink cartridge, don’t worry. In such a case, take the cartridge and flip it upside down while holding it over a waste paper basket. You will want to swing the cartridge in an upright motion and stop quickly; this may provide a cure for the bubbles. If it does not, you can try cleaning or soaking the ink heads on the cartridge.

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