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Deskjet Printer Cartridges - How To Handle Problems With Deskjet Printer Cartridges

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Deskjet printer cartridges are expensive, and when they break or malfunction, it can be quite costly for printer owners. Fortunately, it’s often possible to predict, diagnose, and prevent deskjet printer cartridge problems.

One of the most common problems that a deskjet cartridge will present is unclear or sketchy printing. This can be caused by a number of printer issues; most commonly, though, clogged print heads are to blame. Clogged print heads can cause symptoms similar to an empty cartridge. Each page will look very sketchy, and certain colors may print poorly. Some printers use separate print heads, while others use ink cartridges with built-in print heads. If your printer uses cartridges with print heads, you can sometimes fix a clog by setting the cartridge upside down on a warm, wet paper towel. This will draw out the clog. You may have to repeat the procedure several times to fully clear the clog.

To avoid print head clogs, use your printer regularly, at least once per week. Be sure to print with all of the colors in your cartridges. You can do this easily with printer test pages, which you can find in the settings menu for your printer or online.

Ink cartridge bursts are another problem that most printer owners will deal with at some point, and they can be quite a mess. Usually, cartridges only burst if they’re of substandard quality, or if they get extremely hot. Keep your printer’s temperature constant. Don’t put too much stress on the printer. If you have to print an extremely large number of pages, break the job up into smaller sections. This will avoid putting too much stress on the device, and reduce the wear that the printer takes on. You’ll lower the chances of ink bursts, and you’ll also lower the chances of more serious issues that can break a printer.

To avoid problems with your deskjet printer cartridges, you should try to buy high quality cartridges to start with. Only buy brand-name cartridges. Don’t buy generic deskjet printer cartridges, as they’re often made of inferior plastics and inks that can cause jams and other issues.

Make sure that you don’t buy any expired cartridges. This is easy to do if you’re buying cartridges in a store, as you can simply check the package for an expiration date, but online it can be a bit more difficult. You may have to email the customer service department of the website to get the expiration date of each cartridge, although in general, most websites sell newer, dependable units. Always try to care for your printer ink cartridges properly, and buy them online for the best savings possible.

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