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Laserjet Printer Cartridges - How To Avoid Wasting Your Laserjet Printer Cartridges

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Laserjet printer cartridges are easily the most expensive part of owning a home or office printer. This is because of the printer companies’ business model; they offer the devices for next to nothing, but the cartridges are sold for much more than they cost. Consumers can combat high printer ink prices by looking online for the best deals on laserjet printer cartridges possible, but also by avoiding any unnecessary waste of printer ink.

In order to save money and get the most out of every laserjet printer cartridge that you buy, it’s important to look at your printing habits. You may have to change them drastically. Many casual printer users make somewhat obvious mistakes that can result in undue stress on printer components and ink cartridges, but the good news is that these habits are often easy to change.

One of the more common mistakes that printer users make is avoiding the “Print Preview” option. This is an option that can be set as default in your computer’s printer settings, or used individually each time that you want to print something. You should always use print preview, because it allows you to avoid unnecessary printed pages and unnecessary printing options. For example, you might notice during a print preview that you can print a certain page in black and white rather than in color, which can save on expensive laserjet color printer ink. You might decide to change text size, or narrow the number of pages that you’re printing. Print preview is an easy, quick way to cut down on mistakes and wasted laserjet printer cartridges, and it should always be enabled.

You should try to use your printer’s draft settings whenever possible, as the draft settings of most printers use far less ink than standard settings without a major dropoff in quality. You may need standard settings to print pictures or pages that are going to be used in meetings or conferences, but for most simple prints, you won’t need anything other than draft settings—switch your printer’s default to “draft,” and you’ll often get 33% or more extra ink out of your laserjet printer cartridges.

You should also print in black and white when possible, since black ink often costs less than color laserjet printer cartridges. If you print pages from the Internet, copy them off into a word processor like WordPad before printing—this will allow you to format the text and avoid wasting paper. You also won’t inadvertently print pictures, extra text, or advertisements, which can be very wasteful in the long run.

Make sure to print once a week or so, as otherwise you might ruin your print cartridges by allowing ink to solidify in the print heads. This can make a printer ink cartridge appear to be out of ink long before its ink reserves are exhausted. Regularly printing test pages on your printer will prevent print head clogs, although you won’t need to print test pages more than once a week or so.

Keep an eye on all of your printing habits to avoid wasting ink, and you’ll spend much less money on laserjet printer cartridges. Remember to remind other people that use your printer to watch their habits, too, especially at an office. You don’t need to sacrifice quality to save money, and with the right habits, your laserjet printer cartridges will last as long as possible.

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