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Replacement Toner Cartridge - Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Correct Replacement Toner Cartridge

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Sooner or later it has to happen to every business or person with a copier, printer or fax machine. Whether you like it or not you need to replace your toner cartridge. And of course, it usually happens at the worst possible time. Calling the service company and waiting for them to show up or having to run down to the closest office supply store and hope they have your particular brand’s toner cartridge in stock is always stressful. Fortunately, there are better ways to deal with having to find a replacement toner cartridge.

The first thing, of course, is to evaluate if you are really willing to take care of replacing the cartridge on your own or know someone who is. Honestly, some people simply are not technically adept. If you have any doubts or fears about performing this task, then by all means don’t do it. Leave it to the professionals. However, remember that for many machines, replacing the toner cartridge is a fairly simple operation that should be done without major difficulty as long as one follows the instructions.

Once you have decided on going ahead and trying to replace the toner cartridge on your own, the first step is trying to find the correct replacement toner cartridge for your machine. While this step is crucial, in all reality it isn’t that difficult. If you can, remove your old toner cartridge and use it’s model number as a starting point. Most likely that is the same exact model you will need to buy. If you can’t find the model number on it, then you will need to use the model number of the machine it came from. Using the machine’s model number is a good way to get a replacement toner cartridge before you need one.

With a model number in hand, or written down in a safe place, the next step is deciding on OEM, compatible, remanufactured or refill. OEM (original equipment manufacture) will be sold by the company that makes your machine, will be the one they recommend, and will be more expensive, sometimes much more expensive. It will, however, be guaranteed to work in your machine. Compatible toner cartridges are sold by companies other than the manufacturer of your printer, copier or fax machine. They most likely will work very well in your machine with few problems or concerns. However, since they are not OEM the manufacturer of your machine cannot guarantee them. Remanufactured toner cartridges are essentially toner cartridges that have been recycled, cleaned up, refilled and repackaged. They may be OEM or compatible. You will need to check first if it matters. Of course, just like the compatible cartridges, remanufactured toner cartridges will carry no guarantees. Finally, refill kits are just that – kits designed to refill the toner in the toner cartridge. Doing this on your own can save money and cut down on environmental waste. It can also be open to messy and perhaps costly mistakes if done incorrectly.

Going with OEM, compatible, remanufactured or refill kits in order to replace your toner cartridge will be a highly personal decision. Or not, depending on your company’s rules. Regardless of your choice, the next step is figuring out where to buy your replacement toner cartridge. There are literally thousand of websites promising the cheapest prices on toner cartridges. Going with an outfit that has been around for sometime is a good benchmark in choosing between these sites. After that, price and shipping options are going to be your biggest criteria in choosing who to order from. However, if you would prefer being able to talk to someone face to face before buying, perhaps to discuss the different options available to you, then going to a local store would be a good choice. Primary options are going to be office supply stores, although many large electronic stores may carry what you are looking for as well. Shopping locally can help support local businesses, as well as giving you the option of someone to yell at, ask advice of, or praise should something go well or very, very wrong.

There have never been as many options for buying a replacement toner cartridge as there are today. However, in reality, it’s pretty simple: OEM, compatible, remanufactured or refill kit and online vs. buying locally. Those are essentially the two choices you will need to make. And relax, because if your choice doesn’t work out, in a few months or so, depending on you fast you use up your toner, you’ll be in the market for a new replacement toner cartridge and be able to revisit your previous choices. Good luck!

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