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Alpine Car Amplifiers - How to Choose the Right Alpine Car Amplifiers

why add alpine car amplifiers? overheating

Alpine car amplifiers allow us to play our music loud. It’s just that simple, isn’t it? On the contrary, it’s much more involved than that. Sure, amplifiers are a critical component of loud music that sounds good, but the key here is sounding good. Alpine car amplifiers breathe life into sound quality, and it doesn’t matter if you run your system wide open or just loud enough that it doesn’t interfere with conversation. Therefore, the first step in making the right choice is to know the answer to the following question:

Why add Alpine car amplifiers?

• Purer Sound Quality – Alpine car amplifiers give you the clean source of power that the system needs to power speakers without straining. Every system has an amp, but space restrictions limit your factory-installed model. A mounted amp has no such limitations, and thus can provide cleaner, more defined sound at all volume levels even with factory equipment.

• Speaker Power – The factory system in a car can barely power the speaker configuration that was included with it. Generally, speakers are the first pieces we want to upgrade in our audio system, but you’re going to need an amp in order to power aftermarket speakers.

• Subwoofer Power – Factory installed systems rarely include subwoofers, so subwoofers require a great deal of power that the factory didn’t account for. Just like aftermarket speakers, if you want a subwoofer, then you are going to need an amp.

This leads us to the next step in the process, determining what speakers and accessories we will be powering. From here, we’ll be able to assess just how much power we need out of our Alpine car amplifiers.

• Subwoofers – If you’re powering a subwoofer, then a mono amplifier makes a lot of sense because Alpine specifically designs it for low-frequency reproduction. Alpine also includes bass boost and low-pass filtration. A good rule of thumb is 200 watts per sub for either 10-inch or 12-inch subwoofers.

• Full-Range Systems – For component speaker systems, you will want to use 2- or 4-channel Alpine car amplifiers. The number of channels depends on the number of speakers in the system. You’ll also want an amplifier that includes high-pass filters.

• Full-Range Plus Subwoofers – For those who want the whole shebang, you will require from four to six channels. You can use 4-channel Alpine car amps to power two full-range speakers and a subwoofer using a bridge. You’ll also want full-range filtration.

Some people will not be able to afford a complete audio system overhaul in one purchase. Other people will simply want to add an amp because the rest of the system is high enough quality for them. Both types of people are led to the same question:

Are there any issues with connecting Alpine car amplifiers to my current system?

The answer is no, you can add an aftermarket amp to ANY system. However, note that factory systems often require special adapters in order to connect the stock speaker wiring to the amp. Alternatively, you can purchase an amplifier with speaker level inputs.

How much power do I need?

Determine this by noting the power handling (RMS) of the speakers that you will be amplifying. Generally, you want a minimum of 70% of that value, and 70% is perfect for the person that does not play the system wide open. Those who do will want it to be between 70% and 125%. Ensure that you are comparing the RMS values for the speakers and amps because there are other power values. Remember, when in doubt, more power is better than not enough.

Buying online versus buying on land

Many consumers will find better prices online than they will at their local car audio shop. However, we cannot stress enough how important it is to actually hear your amplifier in action prior to purchasing it. Each human ear is different, and “best” is very, very subjective. So do all of your research at the land-based outlets, and then hunt for the top deal online once you’ve settled on the right unit.


Powerful high-quality Alpine car amplifiers get very hot. It comes with the territory. Therefore, if you’re installing the unit yourself, it is very important to ensure that the unit gets plenty of airflow. This is the reason that most installers recommend in the trunk rather than beneath the seat. Be careful about covering the amp and then playing it full-bore for long periods.

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