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Alpine Car Speakers - Why Alpine Car Speakers Are the Best in the World

by joe johnston

Alpine Electronics is a Japanese electronics company famed for its manufacture of, among other things, aftermarket car audio systems. Alpine audio products include Alpine head units, Alpine amplifiers, Alpine car speakers, etc., and these and other Alpine premium in-car audio units have garnered international fame for their top quality audio output, cutting edge interface, and comparatively small size.
Beginning in 1967, Alpine Electronics manufactured the first automotive navigation system in 1981, which is still widely acclaimed as being decades ahead of its time. This was the first in a long line of world class firsts accredited to the Alpine name. The year after its automotive navigation system, Alpine introduced the world’s first in-car audio equalizer, upon which all of today’s in-car audio equalization systems are based. Also accredited to the Alpine name is the world’s first car dashboard 3-CD changer, the world’s first Dolby Digital EX in-car sound system, the world’s first iPod interaction software available for in-car use, and the world’s first in-car Bluetooth, handsfree capable headunit. Alpine Electronics has its own museum in Japan to display these and many other of its cutting edge innovations, more of which are being released on the market every year.
Some of my favorite products manufactured by Alpine Electronics are the huge variety of Alpine car speakers available mainly as aftermarket car audio equipment. With Alpine car speakers you can transform an ordinary car into a rich, studio quality audio paradise.
Alpine car speakers come in many different configurations built in relation to sound quality, space, cost, or a mixture of all three. Regardless of type or configuration, what all Alpine car speakers have in common is that they sound a heck of a lot better than the factory speakers that came with your vehicle.
Type-R Alpine car speakers offer what is commonly defined as the definitive audio experience in your car. With separate woofers and tweeters to make the highs and lows more distinguishable, Type-R Alpine car speakers are the kind that will blow away the competition and wake the neighbors. The price of this amazing quality is the generous space that this configuration will take up in your car, and, yes, the actual price. Type-R Alpine car speakers are the most expensive of Alpine’s aftermarket car audio equipment, but worth every penny.
One step down from the Type-R Alpine car speakers with separated woofers and tweeters, are the coaxial Alpine car speakers. With both tweeters and woofers mounted on the same axis, these speakers have slightly diminished audio quality, but give you back a lot more of the interior space in your car. However, because of the cutting edge design of these Alpine car speakers, only a surprisingly small amount of audio quality is lost. Coaxial Alpine car speakers are perfect for the audio lover with limited space.
Type-S Alpine car speakers are the stunning low end option available from Alpine Electronics and, while not as top quality as Type-R Alpine car speakers, can outperform almost any other car speakers on the planet, any day of the week. A number of different variations and configurations are available from the Type-S series of Alpine car speakers and, even if you are on a budget, you are sure to find something just right for you. Some Type-S speaker sets cost less than $100 dollars—and can still outperform all your neighbors’ speaker systems combined!
Also available from Alpine are separate in-car audio units such as the essential headunits needed to control your audio system, amplifiers to make your sound as loud as humanly tolerable, and subwoofers to bring out that deep, bass-y thunder that you crave. Use any or all these futuristic products in combination with your Alpine car speakers to transport you to an audio paradise and to help you get the most out of your sound.
Alpine even co-sponsors and co-hosts a countrywide car audio competition, judging the audio quality and volume in the souped up cars of thousands of leading competitors around the nation. From 1988 to 1991, a Buick Grand National fitted with top quality Alpine car speakers became the undefeated champion of the professional division of this competition, and is still currently the only vehicle to have retired undefeated.

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over 2 years ago

Just to clarify things, the Grand National did not use Alpine speakers. It used the house brand of the installing shop USD Audio. The amplifiers however were made by Alpine.