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K And N Filters - Benefits of Using K and N Air Filters

performance increased engine life

K&N Engineering has revolutionized the combustible engine in automotive systems with the invention of performance air filters utilizing a cotton gauze filter rather than a paper filter. K&N started as a small company in California over 40 years ago, and has grown to an international company with a product line boasting over 35,000 performance air filters, factory drop-in replacement filters, fuel injection performance kits, and a new series of oil filters.

K and N filters utilize the latest innovative gauze filters to ensure long life performance in all their filters. This translates directly to an increased performance from internal combustion engines equipped with K and N filters, along with benefits to the consumer, including: saving money, using less fuel, increased performance, and lowering the environmental impact by reducing environmental waste for the life of the engine.

Manufacturers and service departments have, for a long time, been selecting inferior air filters for use in automotive engines. K&N is looking to change that with increased investment in the education of these companies as to the benefits of using K and N filters, and with cutting edge research and development. Consumers are often shocked to learn of the numerous benefits they have been missing out on. While many consumers are calling for premium tires, oil, plugs and other after market parts, so too are manufacturers responding to increased demand for performance air filters in their cars, boats and motorcycles.

K and N filters undergo rigorous testing and scientific research before they even leave the development stage, both in K&N’s high tech facilities and in independent labs. In recent years, K&N has tested thousands of vehicles on dynamometers researching power and torque, as well as hundreds of filtration tests and air flow tests. This extensive research and development that goes in to every K and N filter has led to the world’s first Million Mile Warranty. When a K&N performance air filter gets a lifetime warranty, it truly means life time, for the entire life of the engine. If a consumer ever experiences a problem with their K&N air filter or performance kit, all they need to do is contact customer service, and the problem part will be repaired or replaced.

Rather than disposable paper filters, K and N filters are for life. The strong cotton gauze is guaranteed to last for the life of your vehicle. Rather than replacing disposable paper filters on your car, truck or motorcycle, all that needs done is some routine maintenance and cleaning. To clean your K&N performance air filter, simply tap it lightly on the ground to remove and dust and debris. Then soak the filter in K and N filter cleaner and let dry for fifteen minutes. Finally, flush the filter from inside to out with water, and let the filter dry for several hours. It is recommended you inspect your K and N filter every 50,000 miles; more frequently if you drive on dusty dirt roads often. K and N filters can operate with up to 1/8" of dust on the filter. If the filter is still clean when inspected, simply replace the filter and check again in another 10,000 miles.

The fact that K and N filters are built to last for the life of your vehicle is just one of the money saving benefits of selecting a K&N performance air filter for your car, ATV or motorcycle. The increased performance is what most consumers notice right away, both in gas mileage and in engine efficiency. With increased air flow provided by K&N, your engine will run smoother and use less gasoline, which means more money in your pocket. With cleaner air reaching the combustion chambers of your engine, the engine does not work as hard and will wear down less, which can save in costly repair bills down the road.

With K&N’s extensive product line, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Stock replacement air filters are designed to increase acceleration and horsepower while filtering out dust and debris. The world’s best air filter with the industry’s first million mile warranty offers simple drop-in performance. Universal, custom and racing performance air filters come in many shapes and sizes. The high flow cotton gauze provides superior performance and protection over disposable paper filters. K&N high performance air intake kits are designed to replace the factory system with easy to install performance and guaranteed horsepower. And K&N’s newest product, wrench off oil filters, offer heavy duty construction, high flow rates and increased filtration in an easy to remove wrench-off design for most cars, SUVs and motorcycles.

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