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Blue Air Filter - The Story Behind Blue Air

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Blue Air is one of the most well known and respected air purifier and air filter manufacturers in the world. Founded and based in Sweden, Blue Air strives to build the highest quality and affordable air purifying units and filters. Blue Air constantly strives to improve the quality of human life by purifying and filtering the most basic human need – air.

With the immense amount of success Blue Air has achieved the past decade it is no wonder that they have now branched out. Blue Air now proudly has established offices in Europe as well as America. Blue Air prides itself of researching all types of new data about air quality and how it can be improved for new innovative Blue Air purification units and Blue Air filter systems. With the new data derived from hundreds of hours of research from all over the world, Blue Air is constantly pushing the boundaries and raising the quality of the products sold.

Blue Air sells award winning air purifier units and filter replacements to millions of people every year. The Blue Air purifiers and Blue Air filter systems enhance the quality of life, decreasing the amount of pain and suffering asthma sufferers and individuals with respiratory infections endure.

Blue Air filters provide nearly six times the amount of dirt filtering than other filter systems. The quality of the Blue Air filter is world renown, featuring millions of ultra thin and strong micro fibers that catch dirt, dust, pollen, exhaust and even germs. The lifespan of a Blue Air filter is roughly six months to a year depending on which Blue Air filter system the individual buys and uses.

Blue Air filters can be easily removed. No tools are required for removal, making this system perfect for children or the elderly. Blue Air filters require no maintenance, repairs or filter washing. Simply change the filter every six months to a year and your Blue Air filter will last for years without the typical issues and problems of traditional filter systems.

Blue Air filter systems are affordable boasting a price tag of only $200 for the home units to $599 for the professional units. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, respiratory problems or live with a smoker a Blue Air filter is something that will enhance and improve your overall quality of life. Do not hesitate to own a Blue Air filter system!

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